Screw Chiller Water Cooled with Double Compressors System

300 TR Screw Chiller Water Cooled with Double Compressors System OMC-320WDH. Hanbell or Bitzer Screw type compressor chiller. Siemens PLC Controller. High quality high efficeint screw water cooled chiller. Chilled water outlet temperature 5-35℃. Lower temperature can be reach when add Glycol.
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Screw Chiller Water Cooled with Double Compressors System 

300 TR Screw chiller water cooled with double compressors system is a type of screw chiller, one of the main components compressor is use 5-6 Asymmetric semi-hermetic twin screw compressor Hanbell Brand from Taiwan or Bitzer Brand from Germany. Screw chillers are chillers with various types of screw compressors as the host. It is an assembled refrigeration device composed of screw refrigeration compressors, condensers, evaporators, thermal expansion valves, oil separators, automatic control components and instruments. Screw chillers are being used more and more widely in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning in my country, and their typical cooling capacity ranges from 700 to 1000 kW. Control system of the screw chiller is use Siemens PLC, Electric parts use Schneider. Refrigeration accessories adopt internationally renowned brands such as Danfoss, Emerson, VAB,ALCO and so on. High quality and high efficient. 

Screw type chiller including screw type water cooled chiller and screw type air cooled chiller. OUMAL is a Reliable screw chiller supplier with good screw chiller price with high quality. Screw Chillers from OUMAL including the screw type glycol chiller, screw type water chillers, screw type industrial chillers, screw type air cooled chiller and screw type water cooled chiller with different cooling capacity. If you are looking for screw type chiller factory, please feel free to contact us to get the screw chiller price.

Screw Chiller water cooled type Product Information

Temperature control 5ºC to 35ºC
Shell and tube evaporator and condenser
Bizer or Hanbell semi-hermetic screw compressor
Optional refrigerant R134a,R407c and R404a, R22.
Safety protection devices of whole screw chiller

Siemens PLC controller system or LCD Touch Screen
All models and cooling capacity available Temperature control 5℃ to 35℃. Lower temperature can be customized. 

Water-cooled screw chiller advantage

Well Known Brand Compressor

  • Unit adopts Germany BITZER or Taiwan HANBELL brand semi-hermetic screw compressor. The latest 5 to 6 patented screw rotor profile with excellent efficiency.
  • Adjustable infinite or closely stepped capacity control, features energy efficient, stable and quiet running. Compressor start-up in stages, minimize the impact to electricity. Steady and safe running with low vibration.
  • Most advanced patented highest precision manufacturing process.
  • Built-in full intelligent monitoring and protection including thermal motor temperature monitoring, phase sequence monitoring, manual reset lock-out, oil temperature sensor.

Microprogramming Control System

  • LCD touch screen interface. Industrial Siemens PLC centralized control combined with compressor capacity control system, precisely monitor. 
  • Integrated protection for low temperature, high/low pressure, anti-freezing, phase missing, anti-phase, overload, motor over temperature, oil differential, flow switch, start up latency.
  • Optional operation language, menu leading, unit running state easy to adjust.

A variety of refrigerants and power source are available

  • Standard design charged R22 CFC Free R407C, R410A, R404A, R134A for option.
  • 380V-415V/50Hz 3pH for standard design. 380V~415V, 50HZ/60HZ, different design on customers' request.

Easy installation, quality is assured

  • Compact structure, less space demand and light in weight, easy for transport and installation.
  • Completely wired, inspected and tested pre-delivery, saving installation time and cost.

If you are looking for good quality water cooled screw chiller supplier? Please contact us to get an instant price.

screw type chiller water cooled

Screw type chiller Application

As Screw type chiller usually with large cooling capacity. It's widely used in plastic industry, concrete mixing, HAVC system. The screw chiller has compact structure, stable operation, stepless adjustment of cooling capacity, good energy saving, and few wearing parts. Suitable for high-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, scientific research institutes and other large and medium-sized air-conditioning and refrigeration systems with a cooling capacity of 580~1163kW.

application of screw chiller water cooled

300 TR water cooled screw products Specification 

  Item                        Model


Cooling Capacity









Input Power


 100.9x 2

Max.running Current



Power supply

3PH-380V/415V 50HZ(220V/440V  60HZ))




Charge quantity



Control Mode

Expansion Valve



Semi-Hermetic Screw



100.9 x 2

Start-up Mode


Capacity Control




Shell and Tube

Chilled water flow



Pipe Diameter





Shell and Tube

Cooling water flow



Pipe Diameter


5"x 2











Net Weight



Running Weight



Safety Protection: Compressor over temperature protection, over load protection, high and low pressure protection, anti-freezing protection, reversed and lacking phase protection, fusible blug, flow switch

Shipping And Delivery

Delivery time of the Screw Chiller is 20-30 Working Days. 

Shipping by sea with Plywood Package or fill packing in the container.

screw chiller delivery and package


Q1: Could you help us to recommend the model for our project?

A1: Yes, we have engineer to check the details and make the scheme for you. Based on the following:

1)Cooling capacity;

2)chilled water inlet and outlet temperature

3)chilled water flow

4) Refrigerant;

5) Ambient temperature;


7) Be used for what industry?

8)Any other special requirements?

Q2: How to ensure your product with good quality?

A2: All our products with CE certificate. And use the well-know brand accessories, such as copeland, danfoss,Hanbell, Bitzer compressor Emerson expansion Valve, Siemens controller.

also can be customized. All OUMAL Chillers are factory tested under load conditions to ensure good quality and easy installation for users

Q3: What's the warranty?

A3: 15 months warranty for free if confirmed by both side damage in the quality reason.

Q4: What's your payment term?

A4: We accept T/T, LC, Western Union, etc. Normally, 30% deposit for production, 70% balance before shipment.

Q5: Are you a manufacturer?

A5: Yes, we have more than 15 years in water chiller business. Also have patent on the water chiller appearance.

The control box design make the unit safety and stably.

Q6: How can i Place an order?

A6: Click Below to fill the table or Call 0086 15112554736.

Want to know about this product?

Something isn’t Clear?

Feel free to contact me, and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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