oumal provides a variety of chillers, including air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, screw chillers, Glycol chillers,Low temperature chillers, explosion-proof chillers and non-calibrated chillers.

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OUMAL Refrigeration Machinery Co.,Ltd increases the profitability of industrial manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries by developing and manufacturing innovative industrial heat transfer products including water chillers, temperature control units and cooling towers. By providing effective and energy efficient process cooling, OUMAL equipment improves product quality and reduces manufacturing time in many applications, Such as injection molding, thermoforming and blow molding, blown film, plastic extrusion, compound mixing etc. The mission of OUMAL is to provide a high-quality dependable product line. Our focus is to serve a diverse market through customer satisfaction, innovative ideas, and flexibility. Over the years our sales and application support teams have learned to make recommendations for most any application. OUMAL manufacturing facility is capable of producing equipment with an endless list of options and modifications to meet virtually any customer need or specific application. Market Distribution Our product are mainly exported to the US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Egypt, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Austrian etc.

Oumal is a professional Industrial water chiller Manufacturer,We are here to cool various commercial & industrial process according to your specific requirements. Free & professional diagnose, design & technical support.

We Always Use Big Refrigeration Brands for Chiller Spare Parts

OUMAL chiller is widely used in plastic industry,evironment protection industry,Mechanical cutting processing, casting Surface treatment, electroplating, electronics industry,Breeding industry and other industries.


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The 73th National Day Holiday Notice
30 Sep 2022
The 73th National Day Holiday Notice
On the occasion of the 73rd National Day, Shenzhen Oumal Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. and all employees wishes our motherland prosperity!The specific arrangements for the National Day are as follows: 1. Holidays begin from Oct.1st to Oct.7th. Back to office on Oct.8th. Wish Everyone Have a happy and safety Holidays! 2. Customers who have not shipped yet, please wait patiently. We will arrange them one by one after the holiday. Orders during holidays will be arranged after the National Day. 3. During the National Day, if the email cannot be replied in time, please forgive me. If there is an emergency, please call +86 15112554736. Finally, I wish everyone a happy holiday, and I wish all customers a prosperous business.
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  • 150 TR Air cooled chiller ready to deliver |
    31 Mar 2022
    150 TR Air cooled chiller ready to deliver |
    The 150 TR Air cooled Screw Chiller is ready to deliver to the client. The Air cooled screw chiller use 2 Hanbell Screw Compressors. Chilled water outlet temperature: 7℃ -18℃. The air cooled screw chiller build in SIEMENS PLC program control system. Air cooled screw chiller build inAir cooled high-efficient inner threaded copper-tubing aluminum fin type and cooling Fan, High quality Dry shell and tube evaporator No need to install a cooling tower Easy installation,  opearation and maintenance. 150 TR Air cooled screw chiller assembling 150TR Air cooled screw chiller testing
  • 50 HP Water Cooled Screw Chiller Arrived  Client's Factory
    02 Mar 2022
    50 HP Water Cooled Screw Chiller Arrived Client's Factory
    A New Water cooled screw chiller of 50HP Cooling capacity successfully arrived to Indonesia Client’s Factory. We Wish the 50 HP water cooled chiller could help client improve the Productivity and high quality products. The water cooled screw chiller is customized according to client’s needs. Use high quality Refrigeration accessories and Control system. In order to allow customers to receive equipment as soon as possible, we shorted the production time. Thanks for the trust of customers, we will repay customers with better products and services.
  • 2022 New Year Holidays Notice
    31 Dec 2021
    2022 New Year Holidays Notice
    Dear All, New Year's Day in 2022 is approaching. First of all, thanks new and old customers for your support and happy cooperation in 2021. All my colleagues in Shenzhen Oumal Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. would like to wish you a happy new year. In order to effectively implement the cooperation matters, orders and contracts during the holiday season: 1. Holiday time: From January 1, 2012 to January 3, 2012, the official holiday. Start to work on January 4 (Tuesday). 2. At present, due to the heavy production tasks at the end of the year, please coordinate the order and delivery. For orders that have already been replied to the delivery date, they will be delivered on time. If any inconvenience is caused, please understand. 3. In the upcoming New Year's Day holiday, it is recommended that everyone prepares for production in advance to avoid unnecessary losses due to material disconnection. Thank you for your cooperation! I wish my dear customers a good luck in the New Year, all wishes come true, and the wealth is rolling. SHENZHEN OUMAL REFRIGERATION MACHINERY CO.,LTD DEC.31ST, 2021.
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