• December 31, 2021 2022 New Year Holidays Notice
    Dear All, New Year's Day in 2022 is approaching. First of all, thanks new and old customers for your support and happy cooperation in 2021. All my colleagues in Shenzhen Oumal Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. would like to wish you a happy new year. In order to effectively implement the cooperation matters, orders and contracts during the holiday season: 1. Holiday time: From January 1, 2012 to January 3, 2012, the official holiday. Start to work on January 4 (Tuesday). 2. At present, due to the heavy production tasks at the end of the year, please coordinate the order and delivery. For orders that have already been replied to the delivery date, they will be delivered on time. If any inconvenience is caused, please understand. 3. In the upcoming New Year's Day holiday, it is recommended that everyone prepares for production in advance to avoid unnecessary losses due to material disconnection. Thank you for your cooperation! I wish my dear customers a good luck in the New Year, all wishes come true, and the wealth is rolling. SHENZHEN OUMAL REFRIGERATION MACHINERY CO.,LTD DEC.31ST, 2021.
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  • December 24, 2021 OUMAL wish you a Merry Christmas - Oumalchiller.com
    As Christmas is approaching, Shenzhen Oumal Refrigeration Machinery Co.,Ltd wish you a Merry Christmas! Wish all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you. Wish all new and old customers safety and health.
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  • December 02, 2021 240Ton water cooled screw chiller successfully installed
    Congratulations to the successful installation of the 240ton screw chiller in the customer's workshop. The 240 Ton water cooled screw chiller build with 2 Hanbell Semi-hermetic screw compressors. Chilled water outlet temperature 7 degree. Use Siemens PLC Contrller, Precise temperature control. The chiller will help customers provide product quality and increase production capacity. Best Wishes for the prosperous business of customers.
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  • September 17, 2021 Chinese Mid-Autume Festival & National Day Holiday Notice
    Holiday Notice Dear Valued Customer, Oumal Will celebratte the Chinese Mid-Autumn Day ( Moon Cake Festival )  and will on holidays from September 19th to September 21th, During the holidays, you are free to inquiry and place order for the chillers  All the orders will be arrange production on September 22th.   As there comes the Chinese National Day on October 1st, and we will off work from Oct. 1st to Oct.7th. If you have any questions about the water chiller or inquiry please send email to us, we will check and reply you. If anything urgent, Just call us or message on Whatsapp.  Will arrange the deliver of the chiller during working days. Thanks for your cooperation. Best Wishes!
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  • July 05, 2021 The 240 HP air-cooled screw chiller was successfully tested
    The 240hp air-cooled screw chiller was successfully tested. 240 hp air-cooled screw industrial chiller for ink printing plant,This air cooled chiller use 2 sets of Hanbell semi-hermetic screw compressor, cooling capacity is 600kw, Outlet temperature is 12 degree.  With the efforts of the OUMAL Refrigeration workers, after 20 working days, this machine was finally completed and tested successfully. I wish our customers a better business with the help of this chiller. 
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  • May 17, 2021 Advantages & disadvantages of 5 compressors
    Advantages and disadvantages of 5 compressors Chillers are inseparable from compressors. There are various types and brands of compressors. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of five types of compressors. Advantages and disadvantages of 5 compressors 1.Half-sealed piston refrigeration compressor Semi-hermetic piston compressors are more commonly used in cold storage and refrigerated markets (commercial refrigerated air conditioning is also useful, but is now used relatively infrequently). The semi-closed piston type cold storage compressor is generally driven by a quadrupole motor, and its rated power is generally between 60 and 600 KW. Number of cylinders is 2-8, up to 12. Advantages: ⑴Simple structure and mature manufacturing technology; ⑵Low requirements for processing materials and processing technology; ⑶It is easy to achieve high compression ratio, so it is adaptable and can be used in a wide range of pressure. ⑷The device system is simple and can be applied to a wide range of pressure and refrigerating requirements. OUMAL uses Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressor and Copeland butterfly valve compressor. Disadvantages: ⑴Big and heavy; ⑵Large noise and vibration; ⑶It is difficult to achieve high speed; ⑷Large gas pulsation; ⑸Many vulnerable parts and inconvenient maintenance; 2.Rotor refrigeration compressor The rotor refrigeration compressor is totally enclosed, which is generally used in household air-conditioning or small refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration capacity of the compressor is not high, at 3KW~ 15KW. Advantages: ⑴   Simple structure, small size and light weight. Compact size; ⑵ No suction valve, high speed, low vibration and stable operation; (3) Suitable for variable speed operation, with speed ratio up to 10:1; OUMAL uses Panasonic compressor. Disadvantages: ⑴High requirements on system cleanliness and processing precision; ⑵The leakage, friction and wear between the sliding plate and the cylinder wall surface are relatively large, with obvious performance degradation; ⑶The speed unevenness of single-rotor compressor increases at low speed; 3.Scroll refrigeration compressor The scroll refrigeration compressor is mainly in full closed structure, mainly used in air conditioning (heat pump), heat pump hot water, refrigeration and other fields. Supporting downstream products are: home air-conditioner, multi-on-line, modular machine, small water source heat pump and so on. Advantages: ⑴There is no reciprocating motion mechanism, so it is simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight, with few parts (especially vulnerable parts) and high reliability; ⑵Small torque variation, high balance, small vibration, stable operation and small vibration of the whole machine; ⑶High efficiency and variable frequency speed regulation technology in the range of refrigerating capacity; ⑷The scroll compressor has no clearance volume and can maintain high volume efficiency ⑸Low noise, good stabili...
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