• September 13, 2023 2 sets of 110Ton air-cooled screw chillers were successfully shipped to Indonesia
    OumalRefrigeration, a leading provider of innovative cooling solutions, has successfully shipped 2sets ofair-cooled screw chillers to Jakarta, Indonesia. OumalRefrigeration is committed to providing high-quality, efficient cooling systems to customers around the world. This air-cooled screw chiller is the second batch of purchases from this customer. The chiller is used in the cooling water system of the plastic factory. The chiller has a cooling capacity of 400kW and is equipped with advanced technology, including advanced screw compressors, high-efficiency Heat exchanger and Siemens PLC intelligent control system. These features enable the chiller to provide precise and sustainable cooling for a variety of applications, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings. We are confident that our chillers will exceed expectations and provide reliable, efficient cooling performance for years to come. "After the customer received our screw chiller, he checked that everything was normal and started running normally. Previously, the customer had been using European chillers. After purchasing one from our company and successfully testing it last year, he switched to our air-cooled chiller. For our air-cooled screw chillers, we have been recognized by customers for our high-quality prices and product quality, and our customers have ordered two units. This is a high degree of recognition for our air-cooled screw chillers. For more information about Oumal’s air-cooled screw chillers or to inquire about its range of advanced cooling solutions, please visit www.oumalchiller.com or contact oumal@oumal.com. About Shenzhen OumalRefrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. Shenzhen OumalRefrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of innovative industrial cooling solutions, specializing in high-quality air-cooled screw chillers, water-cooled chillers and related components. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, OumalRefrigeration is committed to providing reliable and energy-efficient industrial cooling systems to meet the unique needs of different industries and applications. Their team of experienced professionals work closely with clients to provide personalized solutions and exceptional service.
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  • April 11, 2023 Oumal Chiller technicians go deep into the Indonesian customer site
    In March, the three-year epidemic began to gradually ease. At the invitation of customers, our technicians went to the chiller site of the customer in Indonesia to guide the customer on how to use and install the chiller, investigate the customer's site installation environment, and give professional advice to the customer. First, our technicians arrived at a plastic factory in Jakarta. The customer produced stretch film and used our 120 ton air-cooled screw chiller. After going through the on-site environment and the installation of the unit, the technicians replaced a new set for the customer. A software system suitable for the actual use of customers. The hardware of the machine is running well. In terms of installation, the technicians suggested that the customer improve the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions on site. The technicians also went to the customer site of the large cooling capacity water-cooled screw machine. Since the water quality at the customer site is corrosive, we recommend the customer to use a 316 stainless steel evaporator to increase the service life of the machine. Oumal’s technicians will go to the customer's site for a period of one week to provide technical support for Indonesian customers. We are very grateful for the trust and support of our customers. We will definitely continue to give back to customers with high-quality products.
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  • January 14, 2023 Chinese New Year Holidays Notice
    Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) Holiday Notice Dear all customers: The Chinese Spring Festival is coming, so please hereby be noticed that this year's Spring Festival Holidays arrangement is from Jan.15th to Jan.30th, 16 days in total. Our company will be work from Jan.31st. All the orders will be start to production during the holidays when we back. If any questions please feel free to contact us by email: ounal@oumal.com. Anything in urgent please call or WhatsApp +86 15112554736. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the best for a happy Chinese New Year! Hope we have a pleasant cooperation in the coming year and wish you a prosperous business. Shenzhen Oumal Refrigeration Machinery Co.,Ltd Jan.14th,2023
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  • December 29, 2022 New Year Holidays Notice
    Dear Customers: Here comes the New year of 2023, We will have a 3 days holidays from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2. We will back to work on Jan.3.  During this period, orders will be received normally, and production & Delivery will be arranged after the festival. In case of emergency, please call: +86 15112554736. We wish all of our new and old customers Happy New Year. Hope we will continue to strengthen cooperation in the new year. Shenzhen Oumal Refrigeration Machinery Co.,Ltd Dec. 29th. 2022.
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  • September 30, 2022 The 73th National Day Holiday Notice
    On the occasion of the 73rd National Day, Shenzhen Oumal Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. and all employees wishes our motherland prosperity!The specific arrangements for the National Day are as follows: 1. Holidays begin from Oct.1st to Oct.7th. Back to office on Oct.8th. Wish Everyone Have a happy and safety Holidays! 2. Customers who have not shipped yet, please wait patiently. We will arrange them one by one after the holiday. Orders during holidays will be arranged after the National Day. 3. During the National Day, if the email cannot be replied in time, please forgive me. If there is an emergency, please call +86 15112554736. Finally, I wish everyone a happy holiday, and I wish all customers a prosperous business.
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  • March 31, 2022 150 TR Air cooled chiller ready to deliver | Oumalchiller.com
    The 150 TR Air cooled Screw Chiller is ready to deliver to the client. The Air cooled screw chiller use 2 Hanbell Screw Compressors. Chilled water outlet temperature: 7℃ -18℃. The air cooled screw chiller build in SIEMENS PLC program control system. Air cooled screw chiller build inAir cooled high-efficient inner threaded copper-tubing aluminum fin type and cooling Fan, High quality Dry shell and tube evaporator No need to install a cooling tower Easy installation,  opearation and maintenance. 150 TR Air cooled screw chiller assembling 150TR Air cooled screw chiller testing
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