Food Processing chillers |

May 17, 2021

Standard & Custom Water Chillers for Food Processing

Oumal Chillers offers a variety of sizes and configurations to meet any budget and cooling demands for food process and bakery applications. For the best in industrial water or industrial air cooled chillers for your commercial bakeries and more, please contact us to make the best solution.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing chillers for the food and beverage industry. Water chillers for food processing are among the most used chilling systems for food and beverage producers and distributors. Food processing chillers use a heat exchanger to help cool heat-producing process elements. An air-cooled chiller system or water-cooled chiller unit can be used to expel process heat depending on the needs of your application.

Some specific applications of our chillers:

Direct Cooling or Indirect Cooling

Applications :

Fresh Produce

Seafood, Fish


Frozen Foods



Personal Healthcare

Ice Cream



Pork/Red meat

Dairy, Milk





Beverage Industry

In the beverage industry, a chiller removes the heat gained from the process during mixing, cooking, or after pasteurizing the product.

The process of making wine has evolved into one of most scientific processes in the beverage industry. We provide custom chilling and controls systems to everything from the simple to the advanced winery. Whether you're planning to enhance your existing process or want to expand your operation, let us help to choose the right chilling system solution for you.

Wineries have multiple uses for chilled glycol including:

Storage Tank Cooling-

chilled glycol is circulated through a cooling jacket to control juice temperature.

Grape Cooling-

After the grapes are crushed the juice can be circulated through a plate heat exchanger, chilled down, and then returned to the fruit totes.

Room Cooling-

Chilled glycol is circulated through an air/glycol heat exchanger for product storage cooling 
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