Medical chillers

May 17, 2021

Water chiller is used to cool the reactor

In the pharmaceutical industry, the reactor is widely used as a reaction vessel. It is the most important reaction equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical production process. With the market’s higher requirements for product quality, the temperature control of the reactor has become a very critical technology. Internal temperature control also requires more intelligence and precision.

When reacting in a low-velocity vessel, temperature changes have little effect on thermal efficiency. In a high-velocity reaction, the flow rate increases, which is easy to cause short circuit at the inlet and outlet. In addition, the heat transfer medium stays in other positions of the reactor, which will also cause slow heat transfer. , So that the inside and outside of the jacket of the reactor is heated unevenly, and the thermal efficiency is reduced, which leads to a decrease in production efficiency and production, and serious safety accidents occur.

Let’s look at the structure and technology of the reactor again to accurately control the temperature. Usually two valves are used to adjust the temperature of hot and cold water, and then the mixing device in the container is used to evenly mix the materials. When the temperature rises, hot water is introduced through the valve. , If the temperature drops, let in cold water. Keep the temperature in the kettle constant to deal with the reaction phenomenon of a large amount of heat absorption and exotherm.

The equipment that provides low temperature control of the reactor is the water chiller, which provides stable cooling water to the reactor to ensure stable temperature control of the reactor. We provide air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, air cooled screw chillers, water cooled screw chillers for your optional

Industrial chiller using on other device cooling in medical industry

Medical chillers Used in high tech equipment for magnetic resonance imaging, scanning, blood cooling and laboratory testing. The hospital MRI units need to be cooled to operate properly.

A chiller, or water cooled refrigeration condenser, is one of the most efficient ways to remove an MRI machine's generated heat. The amount of heat a chiller can remove per hour is commonly measured in either BTUH (British Thermal Units per Hours) or KWH (Kilo Watts Per Hour). Typical chiller units remove a range of heat, via water, from 2 KWH all the way up to 1.2m KWH.

In the medical industry, there are a number of machines that are used such as X-ray, Linear Accelerators and MRI machines (Magnetic resonance imaging). These machines often get hot whilst in operation and require cooling from a chiller to ensure efficient performance.

Oumal Chillers offers a variety of chillers suited to diverse medical applications such as:

Radiotherapy Chillers

MRI Chillers

CT Chillers

Blood Bank Refrigeration

Custom Linear Accelerator Chillers

Laboratory Operations, and more.

Our medical equipment chillers provide close temperature tolerance with reliable operation and minimal downtime.

Medical chillers provide process cooling using the same technology found in industrial, process, commercial, and comfort cooling systems. Our devices can be built to include self-diagnostic tools, preventive maintenance apps with notifications, and emergency backup cooling systems in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure.

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