May 17, 2021

Brewing high-quality beer requires a strict distillation process and strict temperature control. If the beer cannot be cooled properly, it will cause oxidative damage and unpleasant aroma due to the formation of dimethyl sulfide (DMS). For a novice who knows little about how to properly adjust the temperature of beer, this may be a special order. Depressing things. Fortunately, there are various cooling systems that can help brewers avoid brewing inferior beer.

Brewery chillers manufactured by Oumal is one kind of glycol chiller that is specially designed for cooling brewery industry. Brewery chillers and cooling systems are most necessary part of the brewery process A glycol chiller for brewery systems circulates supercooled glycol around a closed circuit. This closed loop is comprised of tubing that connects to the input and output sections of the chiller unit, and the heat exchanger. To cool wort, the glycol then circulates through the heat exchanger, cooling the vessel.


Application of chiller in beer production

The raw grains in brewing need to be quickly cooled to a set temperature after being boiled to ensure the taste of the beer and shorten the process time. This requires the use of a chiller to realize this process.

The special industrial water chiller for beer brewing needs to adjust the temperature of the outlet water to -1℃, 0-10℃, 8-13℃, four stages. They are used to:

1. During the beer brewing saccharification process, the clarified wort enters the cooler of the cooling system and is cooled to 5-8°C.

2. After cooling, the wort is added with yeast and sent to the fermentation tank or fermentation tank for fermentation, and the temperature is controlled within 8-13°C through the coil in the fermentation equipment.

3. In order to make the semi-finished beer mature, send it to the storage tank and cool it to about 0°C.

4. In order for the finished beer to reach the clarified state of the liquor during filling, it needs to be filtered at about -1°C.

Oumal chiller has complete chillers, refrigeration systems, brewery cooling systems and will not be affected by high temperatures and the environment. Oumal chiller is a experience of design and making brewery chiller and various brewery cooling systems for your application.

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