Container Chiller

May 20, 2021

The containerized chiller is customized according to customer requirements, mainly to install the water-cooled screw chiller unit, water pump, water tank, and pipes in a 20-ft container, install a cooling tower on the top of the container, or other heat dissipation methods. The chiller connection pipe is directly installed, and when the customer uses it, it can be used directly by connecting the inlet and outlet pipes. Install water inlet and outlet pipes outside the container. The container-type water chiller is easy to install and easy to move. If the customer needs to change to other projects, he only needs to pull the entire container to other places and install the inlet and outlet water pipes. Very convenient, and save time and cost.

In this case, according to the requirements of the environmental protection company, the evaporative cooling method is used. A fin heat exchanger is installed on the top of the container for heat dissipation. The container uses a water-cooled screw chiller, and a Hanbell semi-hermetic screw compressor, PUNP LCD touch screen controller, Shell and tube evaporator, the refrigerant adopts R407C environmental protection refrigerant, high efficiency and energy saving.

Oumal specializes in producing chillers over 15 years and has rich experience. It can customize various chillers. If your cooling water system requires non-standard customization, please contact us to customize your own chiller.

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