Chiller for Ice Machine

May 20, 2021

Since ice cubes are made from water at room temperature, it requires a high cost to make ice with an ice maker alone. In order to improve the working efficiency of the ice machine and reduce the cost of the refrigeration system, sometimes it is also equipped the chiller in the customer’s ice making system. First, use the chiller to reduce the normal temperature water to 5-7 degrees, and then use 5-7 degrees of water to make ice. Since the price of the chiller is lower than that of the ice maker, such a solution will greatly reduce the cost of the project and achieve a good cooling effect.

Here we use an air-cooled scroll chiller, which is easy to install and easy to move. low cost.

Oumal is a professional chiller manufacturer. In addition to air-cooled chillers, it also provides water-cooled chillers, screw chillers, low-temperature chillers, and customized chillers.

If you have a demand for an air-cooled chiller, please contact us for the best chiller solution.

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