6HP Air cooled chiller solution for electronics factory

Jul 05, 2021

Why do electronics factories use air-cooled chillers?

In an era when electronic products are prevalent, consumers have high requirements for the appearance and quality of electronic products. Generally, electronics factories have a series of equipment such as sand mills, injection molding machines, welding machines, etc. These equipments are used to make or process certain parts of electronic products. Then, how to ensure product quality and How about the finish of the exterior? This requires the use of Oumal chillers, because these equipment will generate high temperatures during the work process, and the process chilled water provided by the chillers must be used to cool down to ensure product quality. For example, Mr. Chen from Guangzhou ordered two air-cooled chillers from Oumal chiller, and they were also specially customized.

This electronics factory already has a stainless steel heat preservation water tank. Because of the high precision requirements of the product, it uses treated water. In view of this situation, this air-cooled chiller must not be directly equipped with standard configuration. Therefore, Oumal Refrigeration recommends to change the type of air-cooled chiller evaporator, and change the traditional water tank coil type evaporator to a plate type evaporator; to ensure that the water quality is not affected, the internal circulating water pump is replaced with a stainless steel special pump A series of measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of air-cooled chillers, but also to ensure the stable quality of the unit. Therefore, the service life of this specially customized air-cooled chiller is definitely longer than that of the standard air-cooled chiller.

This air cooled chiller cooling capacity is 17kw, chilled water outlet temperature 12 ℃. compressor use copeland scroll type. Refrigerant: R407C Environment friendly gas. Build with wheels, easy to move.

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