Chiller for Central Air Conditioner

May 20, 2021
Central air-conditioning chillers are mainly used for central air-conditioning systems in large shopping malls, hospitals, factory workshops, office buildings, hotels and other occasions. The chilled water provided by the chillers is used to adjust the ambient temperature. It must be used with fan coils and air-conditioning terminals. Under normal circumstances, users mostly choose water-cooled air-conditioning chillers, of course, some users like to use air-cooled. In comparison, water-cooled air-conditioning chillers need to be equipped with auxiliary equipment, and the refrigeration is more stable, while air-cooled air-conditioning chillers do not require auxiliary equipment and are simple to install, but they have requirements for the installation environment.

Here we use an air-cooled central air conditioning chiller as the main engine, and the compressor is a German Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressor, which has stable and reliable operation, high efficiency, low failure, performance, low vibration, low noise, and energy saving Easy maintenance, long life and other advantages. The copper tube of the evaporator adopts internal and external threaded reinforced tube, which has a good cooling effect. The control system adopts Siemens PLC, which can be used for remote monitoring and control. It has multiple functions such as automatic loading and unloading, timing switch on and off, and recording the cause of failure. The operation is simple, and the host is connected to the power supply. The failure rate is low and the safety factor is high. The installation is simple, the system control can be adjusted in time, and it is intuitive and reliable.

Oumal is a leading industrial chiller supplier, we have professional team and will adjust the customer plan according to the customer's cooling capacity needs, depending on whether the customer uses a scroll chiller or a screw chiller, an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller, and customizes your own refrigeration system for you. Please tell us your needs, we will give you high-quality chiller solutions, preferential chiller prices.
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