What are the factors affecting the price of screw water chiller ?

Sep 03, 2021

In the market, there are many screw chillers manufacturers, and the prices of screw chillers with the same cooling capacity vary greatly.

First of all, it depends on the type of screw chiller, whether it is an air-cooled screw chiller or a water-cooled screw chiller. Generally speaking, for the same cooling capacity, air-cooled chillers are more expensive than water-cooled chillers. This is because the COP of air-cooled chillers is lower than that of water-cooled chillers. In addition, the cost of air-cooled chillers is relatively higher than that of water-cooled chillers. Of course, the comparison price cannot be simple. Look at the price of the chiller, because the air-cooled chiller is easy to install and does not need to be used with other equipment. It can be turned on when connected to the power supply and water pipe, while the water-cooled chiller needs to be connected to the cooling tower and the water pump and the water pipe, making it easier to install. Complex, the cost of the entire system should also include these. What are the influencing factors for the price of the same type of chiller?

1. compressor

Compressor is an important factor in determining the price of screw chiller. Compressor is the core component of screw chiller. At present, the commonly used screw compressor brands on the market are: Hanbell, Bitzer, Fusheng, etc. Because the prices and performance of these brands of compressors are different, the selection of different compressors will make the whole screw type water chiller. The price of the machine is different. Hanbell compressor is the most commercially available brand of screw chillers in China. Compared with BITZER screw compressors, the price is cheaper and the performance is good. Of course, if the customer's budget is sufficient, the BITZER compressor brand will also be requested.

screw water chiller price

2. Type of evaporator

The type of evaporator will also affect the price of screw chillers. Shell and tube evaporators are commonly used in screw chillers. They all use high-quality externally threaded copper tubes, high-strength sealed structures, and strong heat exchange capabilities. Its main material, copper pipe, is also divided into good and bad, so the price will also be biased. In addition, if the chiller needs to take corrosive liquids, the material of the evaporator needs to use a titanium tube evaporator, or nickel white copper evaporator, 316 stainless steel evaporator, so the material of the evaporator is different, and the cost is also different, which naturally leads to The price of the chiller is different. When we confirm the plan with the customer, we must understand whether the liquid that the customer needs to cool is corrosive. Only in this way can a suitable evaporator be matched to avoid unnecessary losses.

3. Control System

The different control systems of screw chillers will also lead to differences in the price of screw chillers. Normally China Chiller factory uses PUNP control panels for the control system of screw chillers. PUNP control panels also have button-type and touch-screen types. , The price is naturally different, we generally use Siemens PLC control system for customers, which is convenient for customers to program and set by themselves, and also customize according to customer special requirements, such as Omron PLC, WEINVIEW man-machine interface... Oumal Refrigeration is committed to For industrial refrigeration systems, we can customize cooling water systems for customers, and help customers improve product output and quality with preferential chiller prices.

Therefore, when purchasing a screw chiller, you should not only ask about the price of the screw chiller, but also compare the configuration of different screw chillers provided by different chiller manufacturers, so that you can buy the right one at an affordable price. Screw chiller. Similarly, when purchasing a screw chiller, you should also inform the manufacturer of the chilled water temperature used. Because the chiller outlet temperature is different, the chiller model will be different under the same cooling capacity requirement, and the compressor model used Naturally it is different. Omar provides various types of chillers, including: low temperature chillers, glycol chillers, sea water chillers, laboratory chillers, food-grade chillers. To get more chiller prices from OUMAL, please contact us so that you can buy cheap water chillers.

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