Interpretation of compressors, condensers, evaporators, and microcomputer control systems of screw chillers

Apr 07, 2022

There are many parts of the screw chiller, among which there are several major components, namely the compressor, condenser, evaporator and microcomputer control system of the screw chiller. The operation panel and computer control system of the screw chiller are very important. Therefore, the four parts of compressor, condenser, evaporator and microcomputer control system are the core parts of screw chiller. Let us discuss these four components in detail.

water cooled screw chillers

1. Compressor

As the name suggests, the screw chiller uses a semi-hermetic screw compressor as the compressor of the chiller. There are several major brands of screw compressors we use, such as Hanbell compressors from Taiwan, Bitzer compressors from Germany, or Fusheng compressors from Taiwan. These compressors have reliable quality, low failure rate and high energy efficiency ratio. In contrast to screw chillers, there are scroll chillers and piston chillers. The main brands are Copeland, Danfoss, Bitzer, etc. We won't talk about them here.

2. Condenser

There are two types of condensers for screw chillers. The condenser of the air-cooled screw chiller is a fin type with an additional fan for heat dissipation, while the condenser of the water-cooled screw chiller is a shell and tube type. Therefore, the water-cooled screw chiller The chiller requires an external cooling tower to dissipate heat. Of course, whether it is a water-cooled screw chiller or an air-cooled screw chiller, the condenser must be sufficient to ensure the cooling effect of the chiller and reduce high-voltage failures.

3. Evaporator

Evaporator mainly depends on whether its energy loss is more or less, the less cooling loss is better, and the cooling effect is better. It also depends on whether the structure is compact and the performance is stable. We use shell and tube evaporators for the evaporators of screw chillers.

4. PLC control system

The configured screw chiller, its automatic control system is very high-end, menu-type buttons, and remote monitoring and control, which is very convenient. Such screw chillers can also make you more worry-free to use, even if Operators who don't know anything can use it normally with a little training, which is very user-friendly. Omar screw chiller adopts Siemens PLC control system, or PUNP LCD Touch Screen Control Panel. Omron is optional for client.

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