200HP Water Cooled Screw Chiller Solution for Shoe factory

May 20, 2021

In order to improve the color of the leather and increase the production efficiency in the embossing machine, rubber roller cooling and other processes, the use of additional auxiliary industrial chillers is the correct choice. The embossing machine is mainly used for embossing on various fabrics. The rubber roller (also stainless steel roller) on the embossing machine will generate high temperature during work. In order to ensure product quality and improve work efficiency, it is necessary to equip an industrial chiller for cooling and temperature control. The temperature is between 12°C and 18°C. After the data provided by the customer and the calculation of our technicians, our temperature control solution started from the data provided by the technicians in the tannery, and finally selected the 180 ton screw water-cooled chiller, which perfectly solved the problem of cooling and cooling for the customer, and successfully signed Production and installation are ordered under the contract.


After the installation and commissioning of the water-cooled screw chiller is completed, the temperature control temperature is set at 12℃ to quickly reach this constant temperature, and then the compressor stops running, and when the detected temperature exceeds 12℃, it will automatically start working. High efficiency and energy saving, and can ensure that the compressor in the chiller has enough rest time.


Oumal Machinery is here to remind you manufacturers who need industrial cooling systems and cooling equipment. When purchasing water-cooled screw-type industrial chillers, you can choose a model with a higher cooling capacity than the actual demand, so as to avoid the need for industrial chillers in 24 hours. It can work well under full-load operation within hours.

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