220HP Air Cooled Screw Chiller Solution for Extruder Granulator

May 20, 2021
The existing granulator is generally composed of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system. Among them, the heating and cooling device is an indispensable device for the plastic extrusion process. In the working process of the granulator, because the extrusion system in order to better mix and melt the plastic raw materials and extrude the required particle size, the heating part of the heating and cooling device heats it at a high temperature, so that the temperature of the entire granulator is High, but the temperature is too high, and the plastic raw materials are easily decomposed. Therefore, it is necessary to cool the pelletizer and the internal plastic raw materials in time during the extrusion process of the pelletizer.

The cooling of the ordinary granulator is generally completed by the cooling part of the heating and cooling device, and the cooling part generally adopts the natural cooling method, that is, the circulating cooling water is passed into the granulator, and the cooling water is combined with the cooling part. The heat exchange between the pelletizer or the plastic raw material can achieve the cooling effect. However, the temperature of the circulating cooling water will increase after repeated cooling cycles, and the cooling water after the temperature has increased will not be conducive to further cooling, resulting in lower cooling efficiency and poor reliability. Therefore, as an indispensable equipment in industrial cooling, the industrial chiller has also become the best solution for the water cooling system of the granulator in this case.

According to the customer's actual cooling capacity requirements, after calculation by our professional engineers, we finally designed a 150 ton air cooled screw chiller (220 HP air cooled screw chiller) for the customer. The 220 HP air-cooled screw chiller uses two Hanbell semi-hermetic screw compressors. The control system is controlled by Siemens PLC. The evaporator adopts a double loop shell and tube type. Internal and external threaded copper pipes are used inside, which has a good cooling effect.
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