100HP Water Cooled Screw Chiller Solution for Chemical plant

May 20, 2021

Chemical materials are reacted under certain temperature, pressure and other conditions to achieve the required conversion rate and yield of the reaction. In chemical processes such as oxidation, reduction, metathesis, vulcanization, isomerization, polymerization, separation, etc., it is often necessary to maintain a precise specified temperature during operation to ensure the progress of the process and the stability of the product. For example, in the process of potassium chloride crystallization, cooling crystallization is a very important process. The use of refrigeration chillers can effectively increase the output and ensure product stability.

This case of the chemical industry chiller uses a 100 HP water-cooled screw chiller, equipped with a cooling water tower, a stainless steel heat preservation water tank, and is installed on the roof of the plant. The chiller uses a semi-hermetic screw compressor, Siemens PLC control system, and the chiller's outlet temperature is 5-35 degrees.
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