Winery Chillers

May 20, 2021

Winery Glycol Chillers-industrial chillers suitable for wineries

The chiller is a multifunctional refrigeration machine used to cool liquids (usually glycol/water mixtures). It circulates to adjust the temperature of many different processes: distillation tower coolers, heat exchangers, fermentation tanks, etc. The most important thing in your process when controlling temperature and time is that industrial chillers will provide a continuous supply of coolant for work.

Why does my brewery need a chiller?

Your cooler provides cooling liquid to condense the vapor in the distiller and cool the mashed potatoes from the high temperatures of the cooking process. Historically, water was used to cool the distiller-in some selected distillers, this method continues to this day. Because of their rapid cooling capacity and water-saving features, most people now turn to chillers. The chiller allows the glycol/water mixture to operate in a closed loop, which means there is no waste. In addition, the faster the syrup cools, the less likely it is for bacteria to grow.

What should I pay attention to when buying a chiller?

Brewery chiller Our 12-ton air-cooled chiller can handle a heat load of 142,800 BTU/hour or 41.85 kW. The wineries we work with usually use this model.

First, make sure that the chiller to be installed has sufficient heat load. Also known as cooling capacity, thermal load is the rate at which the chiller cools the process fluid. We don't want you to know how much BTU/hr or kW you need to maintain (we will help you here), but not all chillers can withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations used in the distillation process. Quickly cooling 65°C mashed potatoes to 26°C before fermentation may cause pressure on an incorrectly sized cooler.

How to choose the right chiller?

Each winery we work with is unique and requires different production schedules, space requirements and future growth plans. Once you have determined the size of the distiller and masher, we can begin to help you design the winery cooling system.

Knowing when your equipment is running will also play a big role. For example, as the winery grows, you may decide to increase production by adding night shifts – this will almost always require a larger chiller than you originally purchased. Discussing your future growth plans with a process cooling technician can help you save on long-term costs for the brewery while reducing potential pressure on the chiller.

In a winery, your chiller has multiple processes that require its continuous support. Therefore, the ideal cooling process should be designed together with the rest of the distillation equipment and purchased at the same time as the distiller. Discuss your cooling chiller system needs with engineers who understand the distillation process is the key to choosing the right cooler, and we will customize the chiller for your company

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