May 20, 2021

Because the screw chiller, industrial chillers sometimes used in some flammable dust, gas or chemical fields. At this time, the chiller needs to be explosion-proof in the electric control, motor, fan and other places for safety. Explosion-proof chillers are special chillers, mainly used in special places such as inflammable and explosive.

Oumal explosion-proof chiller use world-famous compressors (Bitzer from Germany, Hanbell from Taiwan, Copeland from the United States). The explosion-proof chiller is a new type of unit developed and designed on the basis of standard chillers. Explosion-proof, increased safety, intrinsic safety, positive pressure, oil-filled, sand-filled, non-sparking, pouring seal and airtight and other explosion-proof methods are adopted, so that the unit can be used in flammable and explosive occasions, and according to the characteristics of the occasion. And different explosion-proof levels required by safety.

All the chillers from Oumal Company use famous brand semi-hermetic screw and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, double screw 5:6 gear ratio and advanced linear design, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, good performance and low noise. According to customer needs and cooling tonnage, single or multiple compressors are used. The compressors can automatically alternate operation according to load changes, balancing the operating hours of each compressor, greatly prolonging the life of the chiller, and the trouble-free operation can reach More than 45,000 hours.

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