Laser Chillers

May 20, 2021

The laser source, beam controller and electric control cabinet in the laser (laser) system may all require additional cooling. The requirement for cooling water temperature is usually between 1522℃, and the requirement for cooling water accuracy is usually ±1℃ or ±2℃. The laser of some laser equipment may require ±0.1°C. The laser has certain requirements on the conductivity and corrosivity of the cooling water, so it has high requirements on the water quality, and the waterway design uses stainless steel. Laser chillers are mainly used in laser marking machines, laser engraving machines, laser welding machines, laser coding machines, laser cutting machines and other laser processing equipment to precisely control the temperature required by the laser equipment, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the laser equipment.

Design Features of Laser chillers

Large-capacity stainless steel water tank coil evaporator.

Built-in high-lift stainless steel chilled water pump to ensure the water supply pressure and water quality of the host.

The well-known brand fan with large air volume has good heat dissipation and low noise.

Optional precision filter, including particulate filtering and deionization device, to ensure the quality of frozen water, extend the life of laser chillers and laser equipment.

Multiple protection devices: flow switch alarm, water pressure alarm, remote sound and light alarm system,

The equipment runs more safely.

Protection signal output: water flow alarm contact signal output, water level signal contact output, temperature alarm contact signal output, making the operation of laser chillers and laser equipment safer.


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