Ice Rink Chillers

May 17, 2021

Ice rink chillers are newly developed refrigeration machines for the ice skating rink and ice rink arena application. Oumal chiller is specialized in design and manufactures various models of ice rink chillers and ice rink refrigeration system.

Oumal manufactures refrigeration equipment designed specifically for ice skating rinks. Oumal  does it all chillers From small 4 ton packaged residential chillers to 500 ton industrial grade refrigeration plants’. Our engineers will select the right chiller for your ice rink project. We offer a wide range of chillers and sizes from small quiet chillers for residential ice rinks to air and water cooled commercial/industrial chillers for larger, full size or multiple ice pad facilities.

Ice rink chillers manufactured from Oumal equipped with hermetic scroll compressor or semi-hermetic screw compressor, the cooling capacity range is from 1.5ton to 300ton with the temperature controlling range from -10℃ to -30℃.

For an ice rink project, the refrigeration system or the ice rink chiller is the most part. Because this refrigeration system is providing constant cooling source to make sure the ice inside your ice rinks yard keeps at a proper temperature.

A refrigerated ice rink utilizes an ice rink chiller that draws the heat out of the ice, ensuring it stays frozen despite temperatures rising well above freezing. Yet the chiller won't run if the ice sensor reads a temperature below its threshold of operation.

The size of the chiller depends on the size of your ice rink.

A 4-ton ice rink chiller is about the smallest available. It is adequate for rinks up to 800 square feet (20' x 40')

10 tons is a common size chiller for ice rinks. A 10 ton chiller is adequate for up to 1800 square feet (say, 32' x 56')

Want an Olympic-sized hockey rink (100 feet by 200 feet)? Order yourself a massive 200 ton hockey rink chiller!

There are, of course, various other chiller sizes and we will build you a custom-sized chiller for your ice rink.


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