How to debug a screw chiller?

May 10, 2022

An important step in the commissioning of screw chillers and scroll chillers is the charging of refrigerant. Generally, Oumal screw chillers are filled with the specified type of refrigerant before leaving the factory. After the chiller arrives at the chiller installation site, first check whether the screw chiller is damaged during transportation, check the high and low pressure gauges, and confirm whether the chiller is in good condition. If it is found that the refrigerant is insufficient or leaking, you need to find out the leak place and fix it, and then add the specified type of refrigerant according to the product instructions. For some screw chillers, the refrigerant needs to be emptied for transportation due to transportation problems. Therefore, after the machine arrives at the installation site, the refrigerant needs to be added again, and the appropriate refrigerant must be added according to the manufacturer's requirements. Before adding refrigerant, the air in the screw chiller system should be evacuated before adding refrigerant.

In the debugging process of the screw chiller, the following issues need to be paid attention to the following points: .

1. Check whether the valves in the refrigeration system are in normal opening state, especially the exhaust shut-off valve, do not close it.

2. Open the cooling valve of the condenser and the cold water valve of the evaporator, and the flow of chilled water and cooling water should meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

3. Before starting, observe whether the power supply voltage of the unit is normal.

4. Start the unit according to the installation instructions provided by the screw chiller manufacturer,

5. The safety protection installed in the refrigeration system should be used correctly, such as high and low pressure protection devices, water flow switches for chilled water and cooling water, safety valves and other components. If damaged, they should be replaced in time.

6. If an alarm occurs in the screw chiller, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. If it cannot be solved, contact the chiller manufacturer in time.

If you have purchased an Oumal screw chiller and do not know how to debug it, please contact your salesperson directly to guide the installation online.

If you have more questions of the debugging the chiller and installation the water cooled screw chiller, please email: or contact Whatsapp: +86 15112554736.

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