How to chose a water chiller system for your stretch film machine and film blowing machine

May 10, 2024

In the process of producing stretch film, the cooling system is very important, which directly affects the quality and output of stretch film. In general, we recommend choosing a chiller model with a cooling capacity slightly larger than the flow rate required for cooling, so as to ensure that the temperature and water flow rate can be kept within the required range under long-term stable operation.

When choosing a water chiller system for your stretch film machine and film blowing machine, there are several factors to consider:

Cooling Capacity: Determine the cooling capacity required for your machines based on their heat load. Consider factors such as the machine size, material type, production rate, and ambient temperature.

Temperature Control: Assess the temperature control requirements of your machines. Depending on the application, you may need precise temperature control to achieve optimal production conditions.

Chiller Type: Select a chiller type that suits your specific needs. Water-cooled chillers offer more efficient cooling but require a water source, while air-cooled chillers are easier to install and maintain but may be less efficient in certain environments. Oumal Chiller will provide professional suggestion of water cooling system for your stretch film machine. Below is the picture of our air cooled screw chiller in a plastic factory cooling the film stretch machine.

Air cooled screw chiller for plastic industry cooling

Chiller Size: Ensure that the chiller's physical dimensions and capacity fit the space and power constraints of your facility. Consider factors such as the available floor space, electrical capacity, and accessibility for service and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency: Look for chiller systems that are energy-efficient to help reduce operational costs. Consider features such as variable-speed drives, heat recovery options, and high-efficiency components.

Reliability and Maintenance: Choose a chiller system from a reputable manufacturer known for reliability and ease of maintenance. Look for features like easy access to components, built-in diagnostics, and reliable service support.

Water Quality: Consider the quality and availability of the water source needed for the chiller system. Assess the water's temperature, pressure, and the presence of any impurities that may affect the chiller's performance.

Cost Considerations: Evaluate the initial investment cost, operating costs, and long-term maintenance requirements of the chiller system. Consider the overall value and return on investment that the system can provide.

It is recommended to consult with chiller manufacturers or suppliers who specialize in industrial cooling solutions. They can assess your specific requirements and suggest the most suitable chiller system for your stretch film machine and film blowing machine applications. Oumal Chiller specializing in industrial cooling systems for over 15 years. Provide reliable industrial water chiller system for your stretch film machines. Also can provide Cooling air chiller for blowing the stretch film. Welcome to contact.

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