Cooling water circulation system in injection molding workshop

May 17, 2021

Cooling water circulation system in injection molding workshop

In the injection molding workshop, the circulating cooling water of the chiller plays a very important role. It mainly supplies the injection molding machine oil cooler and barrel cooler device for heat exchange, requires temperature control and ensures the normal operation of the injection molding machine hydraulic system. Therefore, the chiller is also called "injection chiller".

 water cooling system for injection molding machine

The chiller is used in the injection molding workshop

The main features of Omar Chiller:

1 The main engine adopts the new imported famous brand compressor from the United States and Japan, which has high temperature control accuracy and stable and reliable performance

2 The electrical parts are all the original products of the international brand "Schneider" to ensure the stable operation and long life of the machine.

3 Imported original brand water pump, large flow, high efficiency, and durable.

4 Equipped with precision digital display temperature controller, digital display temperature, can accurately control the water temperature ±1℃, set temperature range 5℃-35℃

5 All stainless steel thick plate evaporator (shell and tube evaporator, water tank coil), built-in automatic water replenishing device, easy to clean and maintain.

6 The radiating cold row of the air-cooled unit is composed of fins and rows and rows of copper tubes, and the tube is expanded by mechanical expansion of the secondary flanging fins during manufacturing.

7 Industrial and advanced heat exchanger production lines to ensure high quality and high efficiency, equipped with automatic control and protection alarm devices, and fault signal output

8 Electrostatic spray plastic shell, European design, beautiful and generous

9 The exterior panel adopts quick disassembly and assembly form, which is convenient to use and maintain

10 Built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable.

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