Why is the sand mill need to be equipped with a chiller?

Feb 24, 2022

Sand mill, also known as laboratory bead mill, or nano sand mill, is mainly used for wet grinding of chemical liquid products. It is mainly composed of body, grinding cylinder, sand grinding disc (lever), grinding medium, motor and feeding pump. The speed of feeding is controlled by the feeding pump. The grinding media of this equipment are generally divided into zirconia beads, glass beads, zirconium silicate beads, etc.


Since the sand mill (bead mill) is working, the material and the grinding medium will have strong collision and friction, which will generate a lot of heat energy, and the grinding inside of the sand mill should generally not exceed 65 degrees. The machine protection temperature will cause the temperature switch to act, and the sand mill will automatically stop for protection, thus affecting the production efficiency. Inversely, if the internal temperature of the grinding is too low, the viscosity of the grinding slurry will be too high, the action motor cannot be driven, and the grinding motor may be burned. It can be seen that the sand mill must match the cooling system.

The functions of the Oumal sand mill chiller system in the sand grinding process are as follows:


1. Effective control of slurry dehydration. Most of the energy consumed by grinding is converted into heat energy, which increases the temperature of the air and material. For ball mills, the high temperature inside the grinding chamber will lead to dehydration of the slurry, which will adversely affect the setting time and strength of the slurry. Oumal sand grinding cooling system can avoid this phenomenon.


2. During the sanding process, the surface of the slurry absorbs a part of the air to form an air film, which hinders the electrostatic interaction between the particles and avoids the adsorption and condensation on the surface of the particles. However, when the temperature exceeds 100 °C, the air film adsorbed on the surface of the particles is destroyed, and adsorption and coalescence are formed between the particles and the particles, and between the particles and the lining plate of the grinding body under the electrostatic action, which plays a buffering role in the grinding. Reduced grinding efficiency. This effect increases with the increase of the specific surface area of the product and the increase of the temperature in the mill. Therefore, water cooling system can improve the grinding efficiency.


3. When grinding cement, the material entering the grinding temperature is generally higher than the material entering the grinding temperature when grinding raw meal, and the product fineness is also relatively fine. Therefore, the temperature inside the mill is higher. If it is not cooled, the temperature of the cylinder body is too high, on the one hand, the gap between the lining plates will become smaller due to thermal expansion. In severe cases, the lining plate will be squeezed together to bulge and the lining plate screws will be broken. On the other hand, the temperature of the cylinder body will also be conducted. To the hollow shaft, the temperature of the hollow shaft is too high and equipment accidents are caused. Therefore, water chiller systems will improve the safe operation of the equipment.


Oumal Chiller specializes in the production and processing of various specifications and models of industrial chillers, which can be used for cooling and cooling of grinding equipment such as sand mills, bead mills, and grinders. downtime. The chiller is compact in structure, easy to move, high efficiency, low noise, power saving and durable. It can effectively control the temperature of the sand mill to ensure that the material temperature and material do not deteriorate. It is a kind of matching refrigeration equipment that can prevent high temperature during the operation of the sand mill equipment and keep the equipment within a certain cooling temperature range through continuous water circulation. normal operation of the sand mill.

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