How to use the chiller simply and correctly?

Mar 10, 2022

Industrial Chillers are widely used, providing cooling water systems for industrial production and helping companies improve product output and quality. Therefore, we need to understand how to use chillers simply and correctly to avoid problems during use and delay production. Let us briefly understand the use of chillers from the following aspects.

One: the protection of the chiller:

1. Check whether the voltage is normal, lack of phase,

2. Check and record the running current.

3. Measure and record whether the high and low pressure and temperature control temperature are normal.

4. Under normal conditions, the high pressure is 1.5MPa / the low pressure is 0.45MPa4 Check whether the interlocking control circuit device is loose and aging.

5. Check whether the oil level and oil temperature are normal.

6. Check the compressor for abnormal sound and abnormal vibration.

7. Refrigerant system test.

8. Overall commissioning and testing.

9. Regularly check whether the quality of the chilled water and cooling water is normal. When the water quality of the water source becomes dirty or degenerated, please replace the water source in time.

Two: The annual maintenance of the chiller is as follows:

1. Clean the condenser (every six months of cumulative operation)

2. Cleaning the cooling tower (the water-cooled chiller should be cleaned once every three months after accumulative operation)

3. Check the refrigeration oil and lubricating oil system, and replace and supplement the industrial chiller if necessary.

4. Check the circuit system of the water chiller system.

5. Compressor motor coil insulation test for industrial chillers.

6. Check whether the filter drier is normal or not, and replace it if necessary.

Three: the precise use of chillers knowledge:

7. Check the amount of refrigerant and replenish refrigerant in time.

8. Check and correct the high and low pressure switches.

9. Check and calibrate the thermostat.

10. Test run and general calibration, test whether the superheat is normal and whether there is abnormal sound of each component.

Generally, water cooling (that is, natural water and water tower cooling methods) cannot achieve high precision and high efficiency.

screw air chiller

The purpose of temperature control, because natural water and cooling tower heat dissipation are inevitably affected by natural air temperature, the water temperature in winter is low in summer, and the water temperature is high in summer. If the air temperature is 30°C, it is almost impossible for the water temperature to reach 10°C, so it is extremely unstable to control in this way. The water chiller is completely different from the general water cooling equipment, because the chiller has a completely independent refrigeration system, which will never be affected by the temperature and the environment. The purpose of high-efficiency temperature control. The chiller is equipped with an independent water circulation system, and the water in the chiller is recycled, which can save a lot of water. Therefore, industrial production is inseparable from industrial chillers. Oumal specializes in the production of industrial chillers to help companies provide industrial chilled water system solutions. Contact us if you are looking for a solution for your industrial chilled water system.

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