Where are water-cooled chillers used? What is a chiller used for?

Sep 09, 2022

Water-cooled chiller is a cooling water device that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. A chiller is a machine that achieves refrigeration through vapor compression or absorption cycles. These liquids can flow through heat exchangers to cool the air or equipment. The industrial chiller can always output ice water with a lower temperature than the ambient temperature. It can be used wherever cooling is required, either direct cooling or indirect heat exchange. The main components of a water-cooled chiller are compressor, condenser, evaporator, water pump, and water tank.

Chillers have a wide range of applications. The chiller can be used to cool the injection mold, improve the quality of plastic products, cool the vacuum coating, control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine, cool the food industry, fast cooling processing, chemical industry, effectively control the temperature of chemicals, cooling buildings, concrete fast Cooling and condensation, etc.

According to the application, the chiller can be divided into industrial chiller, screw chiller, electroplating chiller, oxidation chiller, laser chiller, coating chiller, welding professional chiller, ultrasonic chiller, extruder chiller, injection molding chiller Special chiller, chemical chiller, electrophoretic paint chiller, pharmaceutical chiller, food chiller, stainless steel chiller, circuit board chiller, blister chiller, coating chiller, according to the working conditions Divided into air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, low-temperature chillers, constant temperature chillers, etc.

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