The difference between air-cooled screw chiller and air-cooled scroll chiller

Oct 09, 2022

Air-Cooled scroll chiller VS Air-Cooled Screw Chiller

Functionally: The air-cooled screw chiller and the air-cooled scroll chiller have the same cooling function. The cooling, heating and energy are all electric energy.

Application industry: are mainly used in industry, medicine, plastic, food, coal, shopping malls and other industries.

It can be installed on the roof or outdoor courtyard, without the need for a dedicated machine room and cooling tower.

The smallest air-cooled screw chillers are 30HP/30Ton, while air-cooled scroll chillers range from 1HP/1Ton to 60HP/60Ton. The two categories differ on the basis of capacity range. Another difference is that screw chillers do not have a built-in water tank and water pump, while air-cooled scroll chillers have a water tank and water pump. Furthermore, it has a compact design, so it is easy to integrate. Unlike screw chillers with touch screens, air-cooled scroll chillers are equipped with an easy-to-use PID controller. The Oumal air-cooled screw chiller control system uses Siemens PLC + WeiView HDMI Touch Screen.

Unit characteristics comparison:

Features of air-cooled screw chiller:

Semi-hermetic screw type high-efficiency compressor, and there are single-machine system and double-machine system options. The unit has a compact structure and is easy to maintain. Adopting a new 5:6 multi-national patent asymmetric rotor tooth profile, the occlusion is tight, and the operation is stable; the use of high-efficiency motors is energy-saving and economical; the advanced intelligent defrosting method, the microcomputer analyzes the temperature of each point at any time, optimizes the defrosting cycle time, and ensures the removal of The frost is timely without affecting the heating operation, and the defrosting and heating are carried out at the same time, and the operation is more reliable and stable. Professional motor cooling device to meet harsh operating conditions. The unique design of the condensate pan eliminates the need for additional electric heating equipment, which completely eliminates the problem of freezing at the bottom of the coil during heating. A new generation of high-efficiency heat exchange tubes, the heat exchange coefficient is increased by 5%; the double-slot tube sheet hole design and advanced tube expansion technology make the structure more sealed and reliable, completely avoiding the possibility of mutual penetration. Economizer mode operation improves the cooling capacity and COP of the unit more effectively.

Air cooled screw chiller

Features of air-cooled scroll chillers:

The use of fully enclosed scroll compressors, high-efficiency and high-quality components, and optimized system design. The scroll refrigeration system is also a simple system process in the industry. The heat pump unit cancels the one-way valve and adopts the unique bidirectional expansion valve throttling technology, which makes the system process greatly simplify. That is, the system resistance is reduced, the performance is improved, and the hidden danger of leakage is reduced, and the unit runs stably and reliably. The evaporator adopts internal thread type high-efficiency heat exchange copper tube or coil evaporator. The outer surface of the copper tube is spirally smooth and the baffle plate on the water side adopts a non-short circuit design, which improves the heat exchange efficiency of chilled water mixing. The main control equipment of the unit adopts a special microcomputer controller. Parameter setting, query is convenient, and operation is simple. Unit operation, energy regulation and self-protection. Automatic monitoring, after receiving the goods, only need to connect the water system and power supply and can be used.

Air cooled scroll chiller

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