What is a water cooled chiller system?

Aug 02, 2022

The water-cooled chiller system is an industrial cooling system composed of a water-cooled chiller, a water tank, a water pump, and a cooling tower. The water-cooled chiller is based on the cooling method of the condenser, which uses cooling water to take away the heat (cooling tower), rather than the fan to take away the heat, which is relative to the air-cooled chiller. Water-cooled chillers include Packaged water-cooled units, open-type water-cooled units, and screw-type chillers. The water-cooled chiller is composed of a compressor, an evaporator (the evaporator can be a water tank coil, a plate heat exchanger, or a shell and tube evaporator), a shell and tube condenser, an electric control part, and a water pump (can be external, not It is made on the chiller), and the water tank (generally, the box-type chiller will have a built-in water tank, and the open-type chiller or screw-type chiller will need an external water tank). Today we will talk about water-cooled screw chillers in detail. Generally, water-cooled chillers are mostly screw chillers.

water cooled screw chiller system

The water-cooled screw chiller system is composed of a water-cooled screw chiller, an external water tank, a water pump (the standard system requires 3 water pumps), and a cooling tower. The water-cooled screw chiller has four main components: screw compressor (hanbell screw compressor, Bitzer screw compressor, Refcomp Screw compressor Optional), shell-and-tube evaporator, shell-and-tube condenser, and a control system. Water-cooled chillers have many advantages.

1. The energy efficiency ratio of water-cooled chillers is higher than that of air-cooled chillers

2. Water-cooled chillers have stable performance

3. Water-cooled chiller saves electricity and energy

4. Water-cooled chillers have a long service life

5. Water-cooled chillers have a wide range of applications

6. The water-cooled chiller is small in size and occupies a small area.

The water-cooled cooling water system requires the guidance of a professional engineer during installation due to the large number of pipelines that need to be connected. Omar will provide professional drawings to guide customer installation. If you have any questions when purchasing a water-cooled chiller system, please contact us. Email: [email protected].

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