The lubrication method of the internal components of the screw chiller

Jun 30, 2022

Screw compressor chillers can be divided into air-cooled screw chillers and water-cooled screw chillers according to different heat dissipation methods. According to different temperatures, it can also be divided into low temperature screw chillers, and according to the protection method, there are explosion-proof screw chillers. Explosion-proof screw chillers are mainly used in the chemical industry. The core components-compressors of these screw chillers are screw-type series of well-known brands, such as: Taiwan Hanbell screw compressor, Germany Bitzer screw compressor, the lubrication effect is very good, and the service life is over 20 years.

Air cooled screw compressor chiller

When the compressor lubrication system of the screw chiller is better, it can reduce the friction force, friction heat and wear of parts of the compressor, better improve the mechanical efficiency of the compressor, and increase the reliability and working life of the compressor. The compressor lubrication method of the screw chiller is divided into oil lubrication and oil-free lubrication. At present, oil lubrication is still the main method, and the dripping or splashing method is adopted, and the splashing method is the most widely used in screw compressors. a form. In this lubrication method, the air and the compressor oil are in close contact, which can play a better role in the operation of the compressor of the chiller.

So, what is the lubrication method of the refrigeration compressor of the screw chiller?

1. Splash lubrication: This method is generally used for small open or semi-hermetic compressors. It uses the crankshaft or accessories set on the crankshaft to contact the oil surface when rotating, so that the lubricating oil splashes and the friction parts are lubricated.

2. Centrifugal oil supply and lubrication: This method is generally used in fully enclosed compressors with vertical crankshaft installations. It uses the centrifugal force of the crankshaft to tell the rotation to make the lubricating oil in the center of the crankshaft move along the shaft to two directions under the action of centrifugal force. Side and upper flow to lubricate the friction parts.

3. Mechanical oil pump oil supply and lubrication: This method is generally used for medium and large compressors. It uses mechanical oil pumps (commonly there are gear pumps, rotor pumps, crescent pumps, etc.) to pump and press lubricating oil to each friction area.

The lubricating oil (that is, refrigeration oil) used in the refrigeration compressor of the screw chiller can enhance the sealing effect after filling the gap with the cylinder and the friction surface of the shaft seal, and can take away the wear debris and improve the friction surface. Working conditions, ensure the normal operation of the compressor, and improve the working efficiency of the entire chiller.

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