Common functions and characteristics of electroplating chillers

Jun 21, 2022

The effect of temperature on electroplating production is very important. If the temperature of the electroplating process is not well controlled, the quality of the coating on the surface of the electroplating products will be greatly affected. Temperature regulation and cooling, constant temperature insulation, so as to stabilize the production and efficiency of electroplating. Therefore, the surface treatment chiller, namely electroplating chiller, is commonly known as refrigerator, freezer, chiller, ice water machine, cooler, etc. So what are the characteristics of electroplating chillers?

The special chiller for electroplating generally chooses an air-cooled box-type chiller, which is easy to install and move, without a cooling tower, and is generally installed next to the electroplating equipment. The electroplating chiller uses two cooling methods, one is direct cooling and the other is indirect cooling. Due to the particularity of the electroplating industry, the electroplating solution is corrosive, so the evaporator, pipeline, water tank, Water pumps are all made of anti-corrosion stainless steel, and heat exchangers are generally made of titanium tubes to meet the needs of long-term stable use. It helps to stabilize the metal ions, make the metal ions quickly attach to the electroplated parts, continuously increase the density and smoothness, reduce the number of electroplating, and improve the productivity.

Anti-corrosion chillers

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