How to select the cooling water system for the plastic extruder machine?

Sep 14, 2021

The chiller for cooling the plastic extruder machine is called a plastic extrusion chiller. Since the extruder machine is mainly used for various extruded plastic products, such as PE, PP, PVC, ABS, etc., the high temperature generated during the production process will cause difficult demolding and slow molding, so a industrial water chiller is required to provide low-temperature  circulation Cooling Water (5-30°C) is fed to the extrusion production line to shorten the cooling time and improve product quality.

 plastic extrusion chiller

What are the products produced by the extruder? For example, rigid pipes, hoses, profiles, glue sticks, automotive glass sealing strips, cables, corrugated pipes, packaging bags, door and window sealing strips, etc. These products are common in our daily lives. Can you imagine how they are produced Come out? Closer to home, what points should be paid attention to when choosing a chiller for the extruder machine ?


1. Customers who make pipes are best to have their own pool, so that when the temperature is low enough in winter, you can use the cooling water in the pool to meet the requirements of the production process.

2. Customers who make pipes generally use an extruder, and the extruder will have an open water tank, so when choosing a chiller, you should generally choose a shell and tube evaporator, so that the water can circulate, of course. There will be some special situations, which all depend on the situation on the spot.

3. When the extruder extrudes the pipe, it will emit a lot of heat in a short time, so when choosing a chiller, choose a relatively large one

4. But the temperature of the chiller is not as low as possible. Generally, the temperature of 10-15 degrees is better.

5. When choosing a chiller, it is best to know the temperature of your sink, the amount of water used per hour, and the temperature of the return water, so that you can be more prepared to choose your own chiller

6. The extruder is equipped with a water chiller because there will be pools and water cooling towers, so water-cooled chillers are generally used. ,


Many extruders choose to use chillers for cooling and cooling, and the effect is more stable than external circulating water. When selecting the chiller for the extruder, it can be calculated by this method: the production capacity of the extruder KG/h*165=Kcal (kcal)

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