How to clean the fins of an air-cooled chiller

Aug 24, 2021

The air-cooled chiller is a kind of industrial chiller, and the main working principle is not much different from that of the water-cooled chiller. Air-cooled chiller is a machine that cools water at room temperature to a certain temperature through the compressor of the chiller. It is generally common in industrial manufacturing. However, air-cooled chillers are widely used, mainly for high-speed electric shafts, electric Spindles, CNC machine tools, etc. Because the air-cooled chiller has a lightweight structure and is easy to move quickly, the air-cooled chiller is favored by various industrial fields.

The heat dissipation fins can also be called fin condensers or fin coil heat exchanger. They are an important part of air-cooled chillers for heat dissipation and refrigeration. Its main function is to cool and condense the superheated steam of the high-temperature chiller discharged from the refrigeration compressor into a liquid. The refrigerant is The heat is released from the condenser and the cooling medium is taken away, so as to ensure the normal and effective operation of the industrial chiller. However, after the radiating fins are used for a long time, some ash layer or impurities will be adsorbed on the fin condenser. Only by cleaning the condenser of the industrial chiller can the efficient use of the industrial chiller be ensured.

So how to clean the cooling fins (condensers) of industrial chillers? Oumal Chiller recommends that you can use an air gun to clean it, but it should be noted that because the fins on the condenser are thin, the air pressure of the air gun cannot be adjusted too high, otherwise the condensation will be damaged when the dust is cleaned from finned coil heat exchanger.

At the same time, when using the cooling fins of the industrial chiller, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the cooling fins. The cooling water of the industrial chiller is regularly replaced to prevent too much scale. Regularly check the pipeline corrosion of industrial chillers and the tightness of the pipeline to avoid pipeline blockage and perforation leakage accidents. It is recommended to purchase a fully enclosed circulating pipeline, which is safer. If your industrial chiller does not run for a long time, you should remove the water in the condenser and circulating water pump to avoid freezing the refrigeration equipment.

During the use of the chiller, cleaning and maintenance are also particularly important. Regular cleaning and maintenance can make our air-cooled chillers have a longer life and better cooling effect.


If you buy air cooled chiller unit from Oumal, the chiller water fan coil unit need to Clean regularly. If you have other questions about how to clean the chiller or shell and tube cleaing. Please contact us.

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