How to clean a water chiller?

Jun 05, 2021

How to clean a water chiller?

As a fixed asset of an enterprise, the chiller is a must for enterprise personnel to maintain it and maximize its usefulness. Because the long-term operation of the chiller will cause thick scale on the surface of the condenser, which will interfere with the normal operation of the chiller. For example, to make its work efficiency low or easy to damage, etc., the necessary cleaning of the chiller is absolutely indispensable.

How to clean the chiller? We have to distinguish between water-cooled and air-cooled. The water-cooled chiller is mainly used to remove the scale of the chiller. The removal cycle depends on the water quality. If the water quality is poor, it is cleaned at least once every 12 months; if the water quality is good, it can be cleaned once every 2 years on average.


Air-cooled chillers use air as the cooling medium. Because there is often dust in the air, some of the dust will stick to the outer surface of the condenser fins. After a period of time, the cooling effect of the condenser of the chiller will gradually deteriorate. The local environment is relatively harsh, and it is easier to age quickly. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning of the chiller should be carried out at regular intervals.


The cleaning method of air-cooled chillers is: there are more dirt in the maintenance and cleaning of chillers, and non-corrosive cleaning agents should be used to clean the radiating pipes and fins to achieve the purpose of improving the heat dissipation effect.

So let's briefly talk about the main steps of cleaning the chiller.


First, remove the parts

If you want to clean the chiller, you must first disassemble it, because the parts you want to clean are not easy to see inside the collective. The various parts of the chiller cross each other, and the lines are complicated and it is really difficult to dismantle. This is to understand the overall chiller structure.


Second, the connection between the cleaning equipment and the condenser

After the disassembly in the previous step, find the direction of the condenser water inlet and connect it to the water inlet or outlet of the water pump, and then use tools to heat the pipe.


Third, dosing and cleaning

After making sure that each step is done and the pipes are connected, first add clean water for cleaning for about twenty times, and then drain the sewage and repeat it 3 times. After the cleaning is completed, the most important dosing cleaning is done. Of course, its pH value must be guaranteed between 4-5 and maintained for 2-3 hours. Finally, the medicine is discharged, and then the residual medicine is flushed to keep the pH at 6.5.


Fourth, install back to the original state

After cleaning, the installation is completed as it was.


The above are the main steps for cleaning the chiller. Is it easy, but I think it’s better to ask professionals to clean it. After all, disassembling the machine can easily cause damage to the parts. If the chiller is broken to clean the machine, it can It's really not worth the gain.

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