How to choose the right chiller in the food industry---CHILLER FOR FOOD INDUSTRY

Nov 12, 2021

The application of chillers is very wide, including plastic industry, chemical industry, packaging industry, printing industry, food industry, etc. Today we will talk about how to choose chillers in the food industry. The water chiller used in the food industry needs to be used for rapid cooling of all kinds of food after heating, so that it can be suitable for canning and bottling requirements. In addition, various fermented foods require different cooling temperatures to stabilize fermentation needs and improve fermented products. To ensure the quality of fermentation, it is also used in the pharmaceutical, chemical industry, and refrigeration equipment.

stainless steel water chiller for food industry

When choosing a chiller in the food industry, first consider the temperature of the chilled water required in the process, whether to use a medium-temperature chiller or a low-temperature chiller, and secondly, consider whether the cooling water needs to be in direct contact with the food? If it is to directly cool food, the place where the material of the chiller contacts water must be stainless steel or PVC. If it is to cool food indirectly, use an ordinary industrial chiller. In addition, add a detachable plate heat exchanger. If the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, the chiller is a low-temperature chiller, and ethylene glycol needs to be added to the cooling water. The chiller must indirectly cool the food. Another factor to consider in the chiller industry is the shell sheet metal of the chiller. Customers will require stainless steel sheet metal to make the chiller's chassis for easy cleaning. Therefore, when we select food chillers for customers, we must first understand the process flow, temperature and material requirements. The price of stainless steel chillers is slightly higher than that of ordinary chillers. So you can choose the appropriate chiller according to your needs and budget.

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