How to choose a chiller system in the electroplating industry

Aug 17, 2021

The Industrial Cooling Systems Chillers has a wide range of applications, including the plastics industry, electronics industry, food industry, chemical industry, electroplating industry, pharmaceutical industry...... The following takes the electroplating industry as an example. Oumal Refrigeration Machinery teaches you how to choose a suitable electroplating chiller.

We know that in electroplating production, the electroplating solution continuously generates heat in the electroplating reaction, so that the temperature of the electroplating solution gradually rises. When the temperature of the electroplating solution is higher than the process requirements, the firmness of the surface coating of the produced electroplated products is affected. Uniformity, flatness and surface finish have a greater impact. Choosing the chilled water provided by the chiller to cool and maintain the constant temperature of the electroplating solution will greatly improve the electroplating production process and production efficiency.

The electroplating industry uses the electroplating chiller to produce the effect: The electroplating solution cools, so that the metal and non-metal molecules are stabilized, and the chiller makes the metal molecules quickly adhere to the surface of the plated part with a stable current, increasing the density and smoothness of the plated part, and shortening The electroplating cycle improves the quality and can effectively recover all kinds of expensive chemical substances. The same applies to industrial refrigeration equipment in the vacuum coating industry. When choosing an electroplating chiller, we must first consider whether to use direct cooling or indirect cooling.

Direct cooling means that the electroplating solution directly enters the evaporator of the chiller through the filter or filter screen to cool down, and then returns to the oxidation tank. The advantage of the direct cooling method is that the cooling time is short and the effect is good. The disadvantage is that the evaporator needs anti-corrosion treatment (usually titanium alloy). It is easy to scale in the evaporator and needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect and machine operation.

Another indirect cooling method is to lay titanium pipes in the oxidation tank. The chilled water takes away the heat of the electroplating solution through the titanium pipes to achieve the purpose of cooling. If it is inconvenient to lay the titanium pipes, you can add a heat exchanger (a titanium alloy is required). Cheng) While walking the frozen water, while walking the electroplating solution.

For the selection of electroplating chillers, we generally need to consider the following points: rectifier current (ampere), voltage (volt), number, electroplating tank length*width*height*80%, time, temperature difference. The electroplating liquid enters the chiller, and the evaporator, water pipe and pipeline are selected according to the degree of corrosiveness of the liquid. If the electroplating liquid does not enter the chiller, you need to know the material and area of the plate required in the tank. The heat comes from the rectifier or there are other places.

Calculation method for selection of chillers in electroplating industry:

Calorie calculation formula


Q: Cooling capacity W

I: Rectifier current (Ampere)

V: Rectifier voltage (Volt)

N: Number of rectifiers

1KVA is about 0.75KW


Temperature difference method:

Q =1000*V*P*C*DT/S

Q: Cooling capacity (KW)

qv: volume of cooling medium (m3)

P: The density of the cooling medium (g/cm3 or Kg/L) water is 1g/cm3 or 1Kg/L

C: The constant pressure specific heat capacity of the cooling medium (J/Kg ℃) Water is 4186.8 J/Kg ℃)

DT: Temperature difference between inlet and outlet of cooling medium (℃) T2-T1

S: cooling time (S)


Supplementary note:

The cooling capacity of the chiller varies with the ambient temperature and the temperature of the outlet water

The actual heat generation of the equipment will also change due to different workpieces, molds, parameters, etc.

After the chiller is used, the temperature drops, and the surface temperature of the connecting pipeline, water tank, fuel tank, mold, spindle, and equipment will be lower than the ambient temperature, so it will absorb heat and increase the load.

In the actual application of industrial cooling, many situations cannot be accurately calculated by the above methods. At this time, it can only be estimated by empirical data and analogy of similar equipment.


Features of Oumal electroplating chiller:

1. Mainly use Panasonic, Copeland, and other famous brand fully enclosed scroll compressors, single or double, with high energy efficiency.

2. Brand refrigeration accessories, high-efficiency evaporator condenser, good refrigeration effect, reliable operation

3. Brand water pump, high pressure, high stability, durable

4. Microcomputer control panel, simple operation, high precision, wide range of use, can accurately control the water temperature

5. Complete electrical protection system, with phase loss, phase error protection, current overload protection, high and low voltage protection, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the unit

6. The water-cooled and air-cooled specifications are complete and can be customized according to customer needs.


Oumal specializes in producing all kinds of chillers, air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, screw chillers, low-temperature chillers, glycol chillers, etc. Welcome to consult.

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