Common sense problems that should be paid attention to in the use of industrial chillers

Aug 06, 2021

In many industries, industrial chillers are required. The industrial chiller mainly achieves the refrigeration effect through absorption cycle vapor compression or vapor compression. These liquids can flow through the heat exchanger to cool the air or equipment. When we use industrial chillers, in order to ensure safety, we should master the following precautions for safe operation of industrial chillers.

1. Check whether the chiller is damaged before installation.

2. In order to facilitate future use and maintenance, the place where the industrial chiller is installed must be a flat ground.

3. The chiller should be placed in a ventilated, constant temperature machine room. In winter, if the temperature is too low, it needs to be filled with antifreeze.

4. Choose the water pipe with the appropriate pipe diameter, the cooling system and the cold water system when the chiller is running at the maximum power, and connect them correctly.

5. For ordinary applications, the water flow speed through the evaporator and condenser is about 1-8m/s.

6. Under any load conditions, the water flow should remain stable.

7. After the leak test is completed, all the nozzles of the chiller must be treated with rust prevention.


How to ensure the safe operation of industrial chillers: The safety of the operating environment determines the service life of the specific industrial chillers. In order to maintain the stability of the industrial chillers, in the actual installation process, the power supply of the industrial chillers must first be ensured. It is recommended Consult the chiller supplier during the installation of the industrial chiller. The chiller requires the installation of an independent power supply for the industrial chiller, and safely and effectively controls the voltage and current to meet the normal operation of the industrial chiller. At the same time, the power supply is separated to avoid various overloads and affect the normal operation of the industrial chiller. It can also be achieved when running for a long time. N state, there will be no security problems.


Maintain a clean and hygienic operating environment: The installation environment of industrial chillers can achieve the purpose of extending the service life of industrial chillers. If the industrial chillers are in a relatively harsh environment, they will have a great impact on the life of key parts, especially for large amounts of water cooling. Industrial chillers have high requirements for the environment, but not high requirements for the environment. He uses a clean environment to reduce the dirt under the industrial chiller, which plays a vital role.


Freon cooling requires careful maintenance: Many industrial cooling water equipment is made of Freon to achieve the purpose of lowering the ambient temperature. Therefore, in actual use, users can improve the cooling effect by entering high-quality refrigerants. Domestic refrigeration plants must meet the overall needs of the market. , With the popular high quality of feet. The refrigerant is used to reduce the temperature of the medium and achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of the entire industrial chiller, which plays a vital role in meeting many special low-temperature environments. Industrial chillers have higher requirements for the operating environment. In daily use, mastering the common sense of industrial chillers can achieve the purpose of improving the operating efficiency of industrial chillers. At the same time, by extending the service life of industrial chillers, the daily maintenance funds required by enterprises can be reduced.

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