Chiller installation and maintenance instructions

Jul 09, 2021

Chiller installation and maintenance instructions

1. Installation instructions

1. Machine installation, it is required to lay flat and not tilt;

2. There should be a maintenance space of about one meter on both sides of the machine;

3. Connect the cooling water inlet and outlet specifications of this machine to your cooling system;

4. The ice water pipe must be replaced with a loop to allow the ice water to circulate;

5. The ice water pipeline must be insulated;

6. When connecting the power supply, please make sure that the power supply is sufficient to bear the maximum load of the chiller’

7. The power supply of the unit must be controlled separately;

8. Must be grounded to ensure safety.

2. Troubleshooting

When the unit fails, observe the abnormal indication, then turn off the main power switch, and check according to the following steps;

1. When it shows abnormal cooling, it should be checked;

a. Whether the ice water source is sufficient;

b. Whether the water pipe valve is open;

c. Whether the ice water pump is operating normally;

d. Whether the water pipeline is disconnected.

After confirming that it is correct, press the reset button to reset, and then turn it on after 5 minutes’

2. When the refrigerant is insufficient, check the unit pipeline for leakage and blockage, reset it after troubleshooting, and restart it after 5 minutes;

3. When the display is too low, check whether the ice water pipe valve is open and whether the ice water circulates normally, and restart it after 5 minutes;

4. When the oil pressure is too low, you should look through the window to see if the oil is sufficient, and add it if it is insufficient;

5. When the compressor is overloaded, it should be checked;

a. Electromagnetic switch, whether there is aging, open circuit, poor contact, etc.;

b. Check whether the insulation resistance of the compressor is normal with a resistance meter;

c. Use a universal meter to check whether the coil resistance of the compressor is balanced. If there is any abnormality, the compressor must be replaced (note: in this case, the compressor cannot be turned on blindly without finding the cause of the failure);

When the pump is overloaded, the inspection method is the same as 5.

Three, maintenance

1. For example, in the injection molding industry: to reduce the production of "pouring sweat" from the mold, before stopping the plastic machine, turn off the cold water valve of the attached mold, or turn off the cold water, which will increase the water temperature in the mold cavity. Prevent the mold from rusting.

2. The chiller has been used for more than six months, and the high/low pressure often fails, or the cooling capacity is reduced. Please arrange for staff to clean the radiator, (if the chiller is equipped with a pressure gauge, pay attention to whether the pressure is higher than 21KG/cm2, such as If it exceeds, clean the radiator, or check whether the water pipe has been turned off). If you follow the above instructions for repairs several times, the chiller fault alarm will sound for a long time, please notify the factory to contact for repair.

3. The chiller will not be used for a period of time. Due to the solidification of water and dirt, the water pump rotor must be rotated before starting to avoid the pump blades not rotating, which may cause protection of the pump.

Water chiller cleaning method (it is necessary to find professionals to operate)

1. Clean the condenser: first remove the dust on the condenser, and then clean it with a special washing liquid. The washing liquid should be used carefully and the concentration of the washing liquid should be adjusted. Do not touch, touch the skin and eyes, if you accidentally touch it, please Rinse immediately with plenty of water and send to the hospital for treatment if necessary.

2. Cleaning the evaporator: first remove the dirt on the evaporator, clean it with clean water, do not damage the evaporator, and drain the sewage.

Four, matters needing attention

The company’s product warranty period is 15 months, and the warranty will not be provided for the following situations:

1. Those who disassemble the crew by themselves

2. Self-adjusting the pressure controller, temperature controller and control panel data, and self-adding refrigerating oil and refrigerant to cause damage to the unit;

3. The equipment and accessories of the unit are damaged by the customer's own transportation or improper installation;

4. The thermal load of the user exceeds the load of the unit, causing damage to the unit.

Warning: When not in use in winter, please drain all the water to avoid damage to the machine due to icing. Remember!

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