Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of air-cooled screw chillers and air-cooled scroll chillers

Jul 16, 2021

Both air-cooled screw chillers and air-cooled scroll chillers are air-cooled chillers. Air-cooled chillers use air cooling, eliminating the need for cooling towers, cooling water pumps and piping systems that are essential for cooling water systems. Areas with poor water quality cause condenser fouling and water pipe blockage, and also save water resources. It is the most economical and simple model for maintenance and repair of cold water air-conditioning equipment.



Functionally: The air-cooled screw chiller and the scroll chiller have the same refrigeration function. Refrigeration, heating, heating, and energy are all electric energy.

Application industry: Du Shi is mainly used in industries such as industry, medicine, food, coal, and shopping malls.


Comparison of unit characteristics:

The air-cooled screw chiller is named air-cooled screw chiller because of its key component-the compressor adopts a screw type. The state of the unit from the evaporator is a gas refrigerant; after adiabatic compression by the compressor, it becomes a high temperature and high pressure state. The compressed gas refrigerant is cooled and condensed at equal pressure in the condenser, and then changes into a liquid refrigerant after condensation, and then expands to a low pressure through a throttle valve and becomes a gas-liquid mixture. Among them, the liquid refrigerant under low temperature and low pressure absorbs the heat of the substance to be cooled in the evaporator and becomes a gaseous refrigerant again. The gaseous refrigerant re-enters the compressor through the pipeline to start a new cycle. These are the four processes of the refrigeration cycle. It is also the main working principle of the screw chiller.


The air-cooled screw chiller adopts the international brand screw compressor, and is equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency copper pipes to make the condenser, evaporator and world-famous control components, so that the unit has small size, low noise, large energy, long life, and easy operation And other advantages, its beautiful and exquisite shape design and reliable and stable high-performance quality are outstanding among similar products!


Features of air-cooled screw chiller:

1. Semi-hermetic screw-type high-efficiency compressor, with single-machine system and dual-machine system options, compact unit structure. Easy to maintain; adopt a new 5:6 screw rotor design, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

2. Advanced intelligent defrosting method, microcomputer control analyzes the temperature of each point at any time, optimizes the defrost cycle time, and ensures that the defrosting in time does not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Professional motor cooling device. Meet the harsh operating conditions.

4. Using a new generation of high-efficiency heat exchange tubes, the heat transfer coefficient can be increased by 5%. The double groove tube sheet design and advanced tube expansion technology make the structure more sealed and reliable, and completely avoid the possibility of mutual penetration.

5. Generally, no water pump is installed in the unit, and there is no water tank, so an external water tank is needed for circulation.


The air-cooled scroll chiller is called an air-cooled scroll chiller because its compressor uses a fully enclosed scroll compressor, and the condenser uses a finned fan. The scroll air-cooled chiller has a cooling capacity from 27.8kW to 284.5kW and a heating capacity from 29kW to 303.5kW, which can meet the different load requirements of various occasions. The unit has a compact structure, small floor space, simple pipeline design, only requires an external water pipe, and is easy to install and maintain. The machine components are integrated and modular. The modular unit is assembled from 2 to 8 modules and has the characteristics of large cooling capacity, mutual standby, and gap operation.


Features of air-cooled scroll chillers

1. The unit has a compact structure, small floor space, simple piping design, only requires an external water pipe, and easy installation and maintenance.

2. Intelligent control, the unit can automatically adjust the output of the compressor input according to the load change, so that the unit can maintain the best coordination with the highest efficiency at any time.

3. Use imported fully enclosed scroll refrigeration compressor. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, reliable operation and long life.

4. The microcomputer control system is adopted, which has powerful functions of safety protection, communication, fault judgment, automatic adaptation, etc.; it can automatically monitor various parameters and operating conditions of the unit during operation.

5. The machine components are integrated and modular. The modular unit is assembled from 2 to 8 modules and has the characteristics of large cooling capacity, mutual standby, and gap operation.

6. Provides multiple protection functions such as high and low pressure protection, freezing water anti-freezing protection, power phase sequence protection, lack of phase protection, insufficient water flow protection, compressor motor overheating, etc.

7. The box structure of the whole machine shell is beautiful in appearance and compact in structure. The operation of the unit can be checked at any time; the unit can have its own water tank and circulating water pump according to the cooling capacity, without cooling tower and cooling water pump, installation and maintenance are simple and convenient;

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