Why does the chiller evaporator freeze?

Oct 12, 2021

During the use of the chiller, sometimes freezing occurs, and the chilled water malfunctions and alarms. The evaporator is one of the four core components of the chiller, and its importance is self-evident. Once it fails, the chiller will also go on strike. Today we will talk about the more common evaporator failures, namely Icing, to analyze the cause and find a solution. Why does the chiller freeze? How to eliminate the icing failure of the evaporator?

1. Look at the type of chiller, whether it is a low-temperature Chiller machine or a room temperature chiller machine.

low temperature chiller

For low-temperature chillers, use antifreeze instead of water. Such as Glycol.

A normal temperature chiller uses water for circulation. The temperature of this chiller is generally set at 5 degrees. The factory has set it before leaving the factory. Of course, you can set it yourself. If the temperature is too low, it will freeze. If the temperature of the medium and high temperature chiller is lower than 5 degrees without adding antifreeze, it is easy to cause the evaporator to freeze and cause the chilled water failure alarm.

2. See if the chiller is installed with a temperature sensor

The temperature probe will work in coordination with the control board. When the temperature is too low, the temperature probe will tell the main board that the main board will sound an alarm and stop automatically, so there will be no icing.

3. Insufficient refrigerant

During the use of the chiller, refrigerant leakage or blockage will occur. After the refrigerant is reduced, the evaporation pressure will be too low, causing the evaporator to freeze. The location of the icing is sometimes in the evaporator. If the refrigerant leaks, The method of elimination is to deal with the leaking part first, add enough refrigerant, and the fault will be eliminated. If the expansion valve is blocked, replace the expansion valve with a new one.

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