Which equipment in the plastics industry needs to use a chiller?

Dec 10, 2021

As we all know, the application of industrial chillers is very wide, of which chillers are the most widely used in the plastics industry. So, why does the plastics industry need to use water chillers, and where do they need to use water chillers in the plastics industry?

We know that a chiller is a kind of refrigeration equipment that cools water and recycles it. In plastic production, the high temperature easily affects the molding of plastic products. The chiller can be used to cool down injection molds and improve the quality of plastic products. So which plastic machinery needs to use a chiller? Below, Omar Refrigeration will take you to understand the application of chillers in the plastics industry.

Injection molding machine: In the injection molding process of plastic products (televisions, computers, washing machines, mobile phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic toys, automotive plastic parts, etc.), whether the product can be cooled (cooling down) in a timely and effective manner will directly affect the appearance of the product And shape qualification rate, which affects production efficiency, production costs and corporate profits.

Air cooled chiller is easy to install, and widely used in the injection molding machines. If you want to use one chiller to provide chilled water for several injection molding machines, the water-cooled screw chiller for central water chiller is a good choice.

Plastic Extruder machine (Sheet Extruder Machine ): Extruder extrudes pipes, trunking, cables and various plastic profiles. The heated and melted raw materials are cooled by a freezing water bath after being molded by the mold, and the water temperature in the freezing water bath must be kept constant. Due to the high production speed, large cooling capacity units are required for the surface. If the existing frozen pool is large enough, the unit may not be equipped with a water tank.

Bottle blowing machine: mainly produces all kinds of mineral water bottles and soda bottles. Compressed air drying-clean, dry compressed air is required for blowing, and the water in the compressed air can be removed by using the frozen water provided by the industrial chiller as a cold source. Also chiller used in other machines like Compression molding machine, stretch film machines, cast film machine, cup making machine, plastic forming machine, cup making machines, cup lid machines, cup forming machines, sheet machine and so on.

Air cooled chiller for plastic industry

Oumal Chiller specializes in the production of chillers for the plastics industry, including air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, screw chillers, etc. The appropriate chiller model is selected according to the size of the customer's machine.

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