What are the applications of industrial chillers in plastic industry production?

Oct 11, 2023

Water Chillers have various applications in the production of the plastic industry. Some of the key applications include:

Cooling injection molding machines: In the injection molding process, high-temperature plastic materials need to be cooled and solidified to obtain the desired shape and properties. Industrial chillers can control the temperature of the injection molding machine by circulating cooling water, ensuring rapid cooling of the plastic and improving production efficiency and product quality. How to equip an injection molding machine with a chiller, please contact our sales to get a solution.[email protected]

Cooling extrusion machines: In plastic extrusion processes, high-temperature plastic pellets are extruded through an extrusion head to form shapes. During extrusion, the plastic needs to be cooled to maintain product appearance and dimensional stability. Industrial chillers provide cooling water to lower the temperature of the plastic, meeting the requirements of the extrusion process.

Cooling molds: In plastic injection molding, molds need to be cooled to facilitate demolding and rapid solidification of the plastic. Chillers can circulate cooling water into the mold to reduce mold temperature, ensuring quick solidification of the plastic, thus improving production efficiency and product quality.

Cooling plastic processing equipment: During plastic processing, equipment such as extruders, blow molding machines, and vacuum forming machines generate a significant amount of heat. Industrial chillers can use cooling water to lower the temperature, preventing equipment overheating, and improving equipment stability and lifespan.

plastic processing chiller

Controlling plastic forming temperature: Different plastic materials require specific temperature ranges for molding to ensure product quality. Industrial chillers can control the molding temperature by providing cooling circulation, catering to the requirements of different plastic materials.

In summary, the applications of chillers in plastic industry production primarily revolve around temperature control and regulation during the plastic processing stage, aiming to enhance production efficiency, product quality, and equipment stability. The Air cooled chiller is widely used in the plastic industry. Also if the cooling water flow is big, we can use an air cooled screw chiller or water cooled screw chiller. When many machines need to be cool, but we use one central chiller to supply cooling water, the screw chiller is a good choice. We will help to make the best solution for your cooling water system. Contact us to chose your right chiller. WhatsApp: +86 15112554736.

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