Precautions for installing industrial chillers

Apr 22, 2022

With the continuous improvement of domestic industrial production capacity, industrial chillers are more and more favored by enterprises. However, during the installation process of industrial chillers, some installation problems are often encountered. So how do we properly install an industrial chiller?

water cooled screw chiller

1. After unpacking the new machine, first check the accessories in the box according to the list, so as to avoid the failure of normal installation of the chiller due to the lack of accessories. After confirmation, follow the installation drawings and installation sequence provided by the chiller manufacturer. The water-cooled chiller needs to be installed with a cooling water system. After the cooling tower pipeline is installed, ensure that the water circulation is normal.

2. Please ensure that the working voltage of the chiller is stable and normal. Make sure the power socket is in good contact and the ground wire is grounded reliably. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the power cord socket of the chiller is connected well and the voltage is stable. The normal working voltage of Omar standard chiller is 3ph-380V-50Hz. If it is indeed a special working voltage range, it can be customized separately. If the power frequency does not match, the machine will be damaged. Please use the 50Hz or 60Hz model according to the actual situation.

3. Check the installation environment and keep away from all kinds of flammable and explosive substances. The installation site of the unit must be the floor, installation pad or foundation, and its horizontal height should be within 6.4mm and can bear the operating weight of the unit. The unit should be placed in a computer room with a room temperature of 4.4-43.3°C, and there should be enough space around and above the unit for routine maintenance. One end of the unit should have space for the exhaust pipe for cleaning the condenser tube bundle, or a door hole or other suitable holes can be used. When the water source and the surrounding environment of the cooling water tower are harsh, the chilled water and cooling water circuits must be installed with Y-type filters and cleaned regularly. The highest part of the closed chilled water system must be installed with an automatic exhaust valve, and the lowest part of the system must be installed with a drain joint for the system to use. If it is an air-cooled chiller, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation around the chiller fan port. Please ensure that the air inlet and outlet passages of the chiller are smooth, the air outlet above the chiller should be at least 50cm away from the obstacle, and the air inlet on the side should be at least 30cm away from the obstacle.

4. It is strictly forbidden to run without water. The water storage tank will be emptied before the new machine is packed. Please ensure that the water tank is filled with water and then turned on, otherwise the water pump will be easily damaged. The water-cooled chiller must ensure that the cooling water system circulates well.

Omar will provide guidance before the customer installs the chiller. If the customer does not know how to install the chiller after receiving the chiller, please contact our chiller sales and we will provide professional help. Email :

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