How to deal with the high pressure failure of water cooled screw chiller

Oct 29, 2021

Water cooled screw chiller is a water to water chiller which compressor use semi-hermetic screw type. It’s high efficient water chiller system. The cooling water system including a water cooled screw chiller, a cooling tower, a water tank, and 3 water pumps. Water cooled screw chiller is widely used in the industrial cooling system. High pressure failure of the water cooled screw chiller is the common failure when it working. While how to deal with the high pressure failure of the water cooled screw chillers. Blow let’s talk with the Possible causes and solutions of the high pressure.

1. The temperature of the chiller is too high and the condensing effect is not good. The rated working temperature of the cooling water required by the water-cooled screw chiller is 30℃-35℃. The high water temperature and poor heat dissipation will inevitably lead to excessive condenser pressure. Occurs in the high temperature season, the reason for the high water temperature may be: cooling tower failure, such as the fan is not turned on or even reversed, the water distributor does not rotate, it turns into the high temperature of the cooling water, and rises rapidly, the external temperature is high, the water path is short, and the recyclable water is less If the cooling water temperature has been maintained at a high level, it can be solved by adding a storage tank.

2. The cooling water flow is not enough to reach the rated water flow. The main performance is that the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the unit is reduced (compared to the pressure difference at the beginning of the system operation), and the temperature increases. The reason for the insufficient water flow is the system Lack of water or air. The solution is to install an exhaust valve at the height of the exhaust pipe. The pipe filter is blocked or selected too fine, and the permeability is restricted. The appropriate filter should be selected and the filter screen should be cleaned regularly. The water pump is very small. The system does not match.

water cooled screw chiller application

3. Scaling or clogging of the condenser of the screw chiller. Tap water is generally used for condensate, which is prone to scaling when the temperature is higher than 30°C. Moreover, because the cooling tower is open and directly exposed to the air, dust and foreign objects can easily enter the cooling water system, causing dirt to block the condenser, small heat exchange area, low efficiency, and affecting water flow. Its performance is that the pressure difference and temperature between the inlet and outlet of the unit become larger, making the condenser temperature very high, and the copper pipe at the condenser outlet is hot. The equipment should be backwashed regularly, and chemical cleaning and descaling should be carried out when necessary.

If you have a water cooled chiller system, you should now how to deal with some failures, Or you can contact us to help solving the problems. If you are looking for a water cooled screw chiller system, please contact us, We will provide you the suitable solution with good price. OUMALCHILLER is specializing in industrial cooling systems for many years. High quality screw chiller will save your time and money.

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