How to deal with poor heat dissipation of screw chiller

Apr 21, 2023

Industrial chillers can realize mutual switching, speed up production progress, reduce energy consumption, improve product molding efficiency, suppress product defects, and reduce the occurrence of defective products. Screw chillers are widely used in many fields such as electronics, rubber, plastics, papermaking, petroleum, chemical industry, food, machinery, brewing, vacuum coating, pharmaceuticals, etc., and are also widely used in places with centralized cooling to facilitate centralized management.

In industrial manufacturing, chillers are crucial to the transfer of heat. However, many chiller ma chines are prone to poor heat dissipation after a period of actual operation. At this time, product maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner.

First of all, let's clarify the signs of poor heat dissipation of the chiller. When the condenser of the chiller has poor heat dissipation, the efficiency of the compressor will decrease, and the operating current will increase, which will eventually lead to the air-cooled chiller high pressure. When the air-cooled high pressure rises to 24kg/cm2, the water-cooled chiller high pressure will rise to 20kg/cm2 is a sign of poor heat dissipation of the chiller. At this time, maintenance should be carried out in time.

Poor heat dissipation and treatment methods of water-cooled screw chiller:

When the heat dissipation of the condenser is poor, the efficiency of the compressor will be low, and the operating current will increase. The compressor will trip due to the protection of the high-voltage switch, causing the compressor to stop running. Whether the circulating water of the cooling tower is normal, whether the temperature of the cooling water is too high, whether the cooling tower fan pump is running, and whether the cooling water valve is open. After the above things are normal, you need to press the reset button again, or shut down and restart to operate normally. If high pressure overload occurs frequently, the condenser needs to be cleaned.

Treatment method for poor heat dissipation of air-cooled screw chiller:

1. Check whether thefin condenser of the chiller isdirty, if so, clean it with a small brush.

2. Check whether the fan of the chiller is working normally. If not, you can blow it with air or wipe it clean with a soft cloth dipped in some detergent.

3. Move the chiller to a well-ventilated place to avoid blocking the radiator.

4. If the heat dissipation performance of the chiller is still not good, you can consider upgrading the accessories of the chiller, such as fans, heat sinks or other components.

The above is Oumal's solution to the poor heat dissipation of the chiller. For more detailed information, please contact our Oumal manufacturer or Oumal sales: [email protected].

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