Effective measures to prevent industrial chiller compressors from malfunctioning

Feb 15, 2023

Although most of the various industrial chillers produced in my country are imported compressors, which have a long service life, but in actual use, if the user does not carefully maintain and maintain the compressors of the industrial chillers, Different degrees of failures will also occur, seriously affecting the performance of the entire industrial chiller. There are several effective measures to prevent industrial chiller compressors from malfunctioning, including:

Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of the compressor, including cleaning and replacing parts, can prevent malfunctioning due to wear and tear.During the use of industrial chillers, it is necessary to pay attention to the noise of the compressor at all times. If the noise increases significantly, according to the experience introduced by the industrial cooler factory, it is necessary to complete the shutdown inspection in a timely and effective manner at this time to ensure normal operation. On the basis of this, complete the maintenance work of industrial cooler compressors. Note: Once the compressor makes noise, you must be more vigilant, often small problems will cause complex and serious failures in the later stage, such as compressor liquid shock.

Measure the operating temperature: During the operation of the industrial chiller, it is necessary to measure the specific operating temperature of the compressor of the industrial chiller by hand or equipment at any time. If the temperature is too high, it means that the industrial chiller is in an overloaded state. At this time, it is necessary to measure the current and voltage. In order to achieve the purpose of fault detection, so as to ensure that the industrial chiller compressor is in an absolutely safe operating state, reach a suitable operating temperature, and complete the entire operating process. Note: If the temperature of the compressor is too high, it may also be caused by too little fluorine, too small compressor power, too long capillary, poor condensation effect, temperature control failure, and lack of oil in the compressor. The damage is very serious, so special attention must be paid.

Clean condenser coils: The condenser coils of the chiller should be kept clean to ensure that the compressor is not overworked due to reduced heat transfer.Pay attention to the pressure gauge,if the high pressure gauge is very high, please check the condenser coil and clean it when necessary.

Proper refrigerant charge: The compressor should have the correct refrigerant charge to ensure that it is not working harder than necessary, which can cause it to malfunction.

Monitoring of operating conditions: The operating conditions of the compressor, including temperature and pressure, should be monitored to ensure that it is not overworked or subjected to conditions that can cause malfunctioning.

Training of personnel: Proper training of personnel in charge of operating and maintaining the compressor can prevent mistakes that can cause the compressor to damage.

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